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Why Aren’t People Going To The Movies Anymore?

September 13, 2018

Despite more and more big studio films coming out, less people are going to the theatres. What can be done to win back movie-goers?

Going to the movies used to be something everyone looked forward to. There was a certain excitement from sitting down in the theatre with a bag of popcorn and the anticipation of the lights dimming and the adventure to begin. That feeling is slowly slipping away for many people.

Yes, there are a lot of film lovers who look forward to a night at the movies, but in general it is becoming less popular with the masses. We keep hearing of new movies smashing box office records, but overall annual number of movie-goers is down year after year. So why are people moving away from the cinema experience? Let’s examine some of the likely reasons and how theatres can help address them.

The movies have changed?

It’s very easy to say movies were better back in the day than they are now and it’s not generally fair. Still, the movie industry has changed considerably. Each year, more and more superhero movies are released, and while they have their devoted fans, there seems to be less for adult audiences to see. Perhaps movies studios need to start gearing films for all-audiences. But we, the people, play a part in this as well. What incentive does a studio have to release a adult drama if no one goes to see it? Movie goers need to vote with their wallets if they want more diverse options in theatres.

Too expensive?

Like most things, going to the movies has only gotten more expensive over time. Now with 3D tickets and special seats, you could be looking at a pricy night out. Of course, there are discounts for senior tickets and matinees but that’s not saving you a whole lot. Could this be what is driving audiences away from the cinemas? Well, theatre chains seem to think so and are toying with their own solution. Some chains (mostly in the states) have introduced subscription services allowing unlimited movies for a monthly fee. And in most cases, that monthly fee is quite reasonable. Expect to see that expand to even more chains and possible appear in Canada quite soon.

There’s always streaming?

We can’t ignore the fact that the way we watch movies has changed. It used to be that theatres and movie rental stores were the only avenue we had. Now with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and countless other streaming services, the latest movies are a click away. So what’s the point of leaving your home to see a movie? That’s the question all movie theatres are trying to answer. They have begun introducing ways to make the theatre experience more of an event. They serve means, alcoholic beverages and aim for an all-inclusive vibe. There’s even talk of theatres doing a rental service where you can watch a movie still in theatres from home.

Whatever the reason and whatever the response, it would be a real shame for this way of movie-going to fade away. We can likely all think back on amazing cinema experiences from our past and it would be nice to make more of those memories in years to come.


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