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What To Consider About Aging In Place

September 12, 2018

How prepared are you in your current home? It’s a tough question that needs to be addressed.

Last week, we looked at the many conversations surrounding aging in place. Despite how unpleasant those conversations might be, it is something boomers need to talk about and think about. It can be too easy to think your current life in your current home life will remain like that forever. Aging means making necessary changes. But how do you know what needs changing? What do you need to look for to determine your future needs? Have a look at some of the most essential aspects to consider about aging in place.


Getting around with relative ease is something most of us take for granted. As we age, that will gradually become more difficult especially within our own homes. Getting up and down stairs, for instance, can become a struggle. Again, this is something that might be hard to imagine as a reality right now. But when you have trouble accessing the various levels in your home then it can be a real problem.


When discussing aging in place, it’s important to look not only at the home but where the home is located. How accessible is your home year-round? Come winter, will you be able to get in and out of your home easily? For many homes in rural locations, there’s the concern about medical attention being readily available. Sadly, in these rural places it’s not easy for ambulances to respond quickly to emergencies.


Similar to the location of your home, your community plays an important role in your aging in place. As we get older, it’s important that we keep in mind the importance of having loved ones around us. Having people who can check in on us regularly, someone who is only a phone call away and neighbours who can lend a hand when needed. It can be family, friends or just people in the surrounding community but it’s important to have a support system close by.


Any homeowner knows that it requires a good deal of work maintaining a clean and healthy home. From daily chores like washing dishes and laundry, to seasonal upkeep like lawn mowing and shoveling snow – there’s always something to occupy your time. But how easily will you be able to handle that work in your older years? Many people downsize their home to make cleaning and upkeep easier. Can you realistically keep up with the demands of your home?


Something we tend to forget to look out for as we age is our relative comfort. There’s always questions about how well we’ll get around and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it’s also important that we’re feeling good too. You want to be sure your home allows for that ongoing comfort throughout the years. Be it your bedroom, living room, washroom – can your home support what you’ll need to live in comfort?

Decisions can be made later but it’s important to start considering these factors in your future living situation so you can maintain a fulfilling and active lifestyle.


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