Virtual Mentor Programs

Virtual Mentor Programs

Tap into the Wisdom and Experience of Virtual Mentors

The knowledge, advice and resources a Mentor shares depend on the format and goals of a specific mentoring relationship. The mentoring relationship is a long-term formal partnership between a Mentee and Mentor designed to further develop the Mentee’s personal, professional, organizational and leadership skills.

A Mentor may share information with a Mentee about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation and emotional support. Ultimately, the Mentor acts as a role model for the Mentee, but the mentoring relationship can be beneficial to both parties involved, as well as for the company.

I truly appreciated the support, guidance and encouragement from my Mentor which had a direct impact on my start-up’s strategy and credibility, and allowed for more efficient planning and ultimately future resource savings. I highly recommend the Startup Mentor Program. Thank you for making it happen!

David Hodgson
CEO & Founder, HOLLO medical Inc.

Benefits of a Mentoring Program for the Mentor, Mentee and Organization

  • Develop more capable, effective leadership
  • Share and develop knowledge
  • Encourage enhanced problem solving
  • Improve retention
  • Make a positive impact on the workplace
  • Organizational and personal growth

Mentoring relationships can help focus you, inspire and encourage you, a Mentor can help you learn things or new ways of seeing opportunities or challenges. It can even open a network of contacts that you might never have had access to before. Mentors can act as advisors, sounding boards and even a good friend. has built a robust program where we recruit, train, match and report on the Mentor and Mentee progress. Current and emerging leaders from start ups, small medium and large companies and non-profits have all benefitted from our Mentorship Programs. Contact us to build a custom program for your organization.

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What is a SeasonedPro?

A SeasonedPro is someone who has over 20 years of experience who wants to continue to contribute to organizations and community.

A SeasonedPro will help your organization in filling vital part-time, project based, contract, and full-time positions. Their extensive experience will have a positive impact on your organization from the day they walk through the doors!

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