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How To Make The Most Of Your Weekends

September 14, 2018

It’s your time off. Make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

The weekends are well-deserved breaks from work life. And yet some people don’t use these days-off to their full potential. You’ve worked hard for Saturday and Sunday, so be sure they’re not going to waste. Here’s how to make the most of every weekend.

Leave work in the right way.

When Friday afternoon hits, it’s tempting to coast right up until five o’clock and get the weekend started. But leaving a bunch of unfinished work piled on your desk is not the best way to start a relaxing weekend. You want to be as productive as possible so you’re not spending all weekend worried about Monday morning.

Make a plan.

There’s so much to do over the weekend and you want to be sure you’re finding time to fit it all in. The best way to ensure you’re not missing anything is to make a schedule for the weekend adventures and stick to it. Weekend’s are supposed to be fun, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little structure.

Don’t overload the schedule.

A plan also helps you to avoid cramming too much into your weekends. There’s only so many hours available so that time needs to be used wisely. Overloading your weekend will mean you’re either missing things you wanted to do or you’re having no time to actually enjoy yourself.

Use Saturday morning wisely.

It’s the weekend, so you deserve to sleep in a little and have a nice, quiet morning. However, don’t let Saturday mornings just be a write-off. You can use these down times to be productive and get some of the more “work” activities out of the way. That leaves the rest of the weekend for nothing but fun.

Spend time with others.

The work week can be a very busy time. So busy that you don’t have time to socialize or spend time with friends and family. The weekend is a great time to catch-up and hang out together. No matter what you’re doing, spending quality time with loved ones is time well spent.

Find out other people’s schedules.

Of course, this is not just your weekend, but the weekend for everyone. If you are looking to make plans with others, you’ll have to consider their schedule as well. Collaborate on what times work best for everyone involved so you can come together to share some time off.

Tackle projects you enjoy.

We all have those hobbies and interests that we might not get to pursue as often as we’d like. That’s why the weekends are so important. We should take time to do the things we love and follow our passions. Set aside some hours to dedicate to your favourite hobby and get that sense of accomplishment from your weekend.

Don’t overindulge.

Weekend fun can sometimes mean we venture off the path of a healthy lifestyle. While a little indulgence in moderation is okay from time to time, don’t over do it just because it’s the weekend. Go easy on the snacks and drinks. Cook your meals instead of take-out. Get a good night’s sleep. Don’t let yourself regret things come Monday morning.

Prepare for Monday.

Yes, the weekend should be filled with fun and relaxation, but it’s also important to plan for the week ahead. Put some time aside to make things easier for the next week. Be it doing laundry, making meals or setting out a weekly to-do list, you’ll be your weekday self will be thanking your weekend self.


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