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5 Common LinkedIn Mistakes

October 25, 2018

Not getting the results you want on LinkedIn? You might be using it wrong.

As we looked at last week, LinkedIn can be a strong professional networking tool. And yet some still aren’t using it to its full potential. Though they make up a good portion of the audience online, boomers still have some struggles when it comes to social media. Don’t worry, there are always ways to improve your social media game, and LinkedIn is no different.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make on LinkedIn and how you can avoid them yourself.

ALWAYS have a profile picture!

Your profile picture is the first thing people will see when they connect with you on LinkedIn, so your certainly want to make a good impression. I can’t believe how many profiles I see on the site without a proper profile picture. You might tell yourself that you want your privacy, but what message do you think that sends? Put yourself out there, let people find you and remain professional. Choose a nice, clear picture which is appropriate to the platform (and be sure you’re the only one in the picture). It’s always better when people can put a face to the name.

Don’t neglect your profile

Once you have the photo taken care of, it’s time to dedicate some time to the rest of your profile. If you truly want to connect with other professionals using LinkedIn, then this is the best opportunity to let them know who you are. Start with the usual stuff — your work experience, education and so on. After that, you can go a little deeper. Talk about your ambitions, what you want to achieve through your career and your overall goals. Take some time to put the right message out there and you’ll start to see the benefits of this tool.

Personalize your connection requests

As we looked at last week, connecting with strangers on these platforms can be a little awkward. That’s especially true when you get a connection request with no context. When you send a connection request to someone, be sure to give it a personal touch. Let them know how you found them and why you’re reaching out. It can really help to strengthen those connections and build your network.

Remember: It’s not Facebook

LinkedIn is indeed a social media platform, but it’s a very unique and specific platform. It’s important that you know how it differs from Twitter and Facebook. This is not a platform to share your thoughts, family news, personal pictures, or anything that doesn’t fit in the professional world. Same goes for who you connect with. Don’t feel the need to fill your contacts with friends and family — network outside your personal sphere.

Update regularly 

Don’t expect to fill out a profile, send some connection requests, then sit back and wait for the job offers. If you seriously want to get something out of LinkedIn, you need to make it a daily commitment. Check in everyday. See who is updating what, check for new positions, do some updating of your own, or whatever you need to do to keep your page active. Make it easier for people to find you and keep them interested.


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