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4 Tips To Becoming An Early Riser

October 24, 2018

An early start can lead to a great day.

Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed? That probably describes almost any morning. It can be tough waking up and starting the day. However, the morning is a great time to be productive and get things done so while it might be a struggle, there are great benefits to being an early riser. Even if you think you’re not a morning person, simple changes to your routine and behaviour can make a big difference and help you seize those early morning hours more effectively.

Improve your pre-bedtime routine.

Your bedtime routine is a big factor in how you start your day. If you’re looking to wake up ready to take on the day, ensure you’re doing the right things to get the best rest possible. Avoid food and alcohol before bed as these habits can keep you up through the night. It’s also wise to avoid screens too close to bedtime as it takes longer to enter into a solid sleep cycle. These small changes can help you get a more solid sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Make waking up a forgone conclusion.

How many times has your alarm clock gone off in the morning only for you to hit the snooze button? If given the choice, most of us would choose to stay in bed as long as possible. But what if we didn’t have a choice in waking up? By making your morning to-dos achievable and essential, it helps to motivate you out of bed. This could mean setting tasks or responsibilities that need to be addressed in the morning. It’s a simple mental exercise that takes the option of sleeping in out of the equation.

Get moving right away.

Waking up and starting your day are two very different things. If you want to become an early riser, that means actually getting out of bed to start the day. Getting moving first thing in the morning — like a morning walk — gives you that energy boost you need to be productive in the morning.

Make your room a nice one to wake up in.

Waking up in the right environment can make all the difference in the world for getting a good start to the day. Is your bedroom set up as one that inspires you to get out of bed and tackle the day’s work? Let some sunlight into your room in the morning. Maintain a comfortable temperature that doesn’t leave you drowsy. Keep things relatively tidy. These changes can help you wake up in a motivated mood.


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