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Why Going To The Movies Alone Is The Best

September 9, 2018

There’s no shame in going to the movies alone. In fact, it might be the best way to see a movie.

Why is it socially unacceptable to go to the movies by yourself?

Sometimes you feel like unwinding and catching the latest release in a peacefully dark and quiet theatre. Sometimes there’s no one to go with. So should you feel ashamed to go alone? Of course not. But that’s how many people feel and are turned off of a solo movie-going experience because of it. It’s much safer to stay home, watch some Netflix and avoid the judgement of others. But not only should you not feel bad about going to the movies alone, it might actually be the best way to go to the movies. Sure, going with a group or loved one can be enjoyable, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a movie by yourself. Let’s examine this unique experience.

Movies watching is a singular experience.

Watching a movie with an audience is a great time – especially when the audience is really engaged. The laughter, screams, gasps and cheers make the whole experience better. But going to the movies is really not a social event. Unless you’re extremely rude and inconsiderate, no one should be talking during a movie. So what’s the point of going to the movies together? You’re sitting in the dark having your own experience. It doesn’t matter who you’re sitting with. And if you’re thinking dinner and a movie is a good first date to get to know someone – maybe just stick to the dinner.

You get to choose the movie you want.

Let’s be honest, going to the movies is not a cheap outing these days. If you want to add some popcorn to the whole affair then you’re looking at a hefty tab. Now that’s not a reason to go solo to the theatres (well, not entirely) but for that kind of money, shouldn’t you be seeing the movie you want? Gong alone means not worrying about finding a movie that suits everyone’s tastes. Concern yourself only with your own preferences. It’s not too often you get to do that.

‘Me time’ is important.

For some reason, our society looks down on the importance of spending some time alone. Certainly, socializing is important as well, but we so rarely allow ourselves to just sit with ourselves for any significant time. These moments we spend alone help us to reconnect with ourselves, focus on our own well-being and relieve stress. We’re supposed to love ourselves, but how can we do that if we never spend time with ourselves?

No shame

Ask yourself why you don’t feel comfortable going to the movies alone. I started this by saying that society judges such behaviour but maybe that’s just our perception. Is someone really going to ask you to leave the theatre if you’re alone? Are people actually going to notice or care that you’re alone? If they judge you, will you even know? And doesn’t that say more about them than it does about you? Challenge these negative reactions that prevent you from doing something and consider if that’s something you really care about.


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