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The Growing Opportunities of BoomersPlus

October 5, 2018

Exciting news about our organization.

At a time when 37% of Canadian business owners identify a shortage of skilled labour as a growing business constraint, baby boomers are seen as providing a solution. With recent growth in our own organization, BoomersPlus is now more able than ever to meet those needs.

We are pleased to announce an exciting venture capital investment with Innovacorp as the lead investor. This investment allows us to expand our abilities to continue connecting senior-level experienced baby boomers with local start-up businesses, as well as further expand our efforts into Ontario and the rest of Atlantic Canada.

We’re also delighted to announce that we have signed a MOU with Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) to match even more boomers to businesses in Atlantic Canada.

“We’ve taken a specific and serious interest in seniors and entrepreneurship because they are the fastest growing cohort of entrepreneurs and they tend to be more successful because they bring their own liquidity along with a lifetime of experience,” said Craig MacMullin, CEO of CEED. “Our relationship with BoomersPlus is something we see as helping us support the needs of entrepreneurs and the business community because of the ease they provide in accessing this incredible pool of prequalified experts.”

As our company has grown, we’ve also been listening to our boomer community about what matters to them beyond work. This has led to the expansion of our Lifestyle platform which features radio shows, podcasts, the Boomers Lifestyle blog, and our weekly newsletter, The Pulse. We have also partnered with some exciting organizations like Merit Travel, Rewire to Retire, and Verity International to offer our users content and exclusive offers on things like travel, health, wellness and much more. Through our Lifestyle platform, BoomersPlus strives to become a premier destination for everything boomers could want.

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