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5 Thanksgiving Activities For The Whole Family

October 6, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving weekend Canada!

Hopefully you’re all loosening your belt buckles in anticipation of the delicious meal ahead of you. But while the food is obviously a highlight, Thanksgiving is really about the family coming together. With busy lives filled with work, school and other responsibilities, it can be hard to sit the whole family down around the dinner table. Thanksgiving allows you that luxury so you want to make the most of it. With that in mind, have a look at some perfect Thanksgiving weekend activities to share with your loved ones.

Walk in the woods.

This time of year is maybe the best time for a walk outdoors. The fall foliage makes everything look so beautiful and the temperature hasn’t gotten uncomfortably low yet. Go to your local park, or find a more out-of-the-way trail. No need to make it too strenuous. Find a trail everyone can handle comfortably. We get so little time to enjoy the beauty of this season, you might as well take advantage of it while you can.

Apple picking.

If walking isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, you can enjoy some more low-key outdoor adventures. Take a trip to a nearby apple orchard for a good old-fashioned family apple pick. There’s no better time of year to find the biggest, most delicious apples you can pluck right off the tree. For those more competitive families, you can even race to see who can collect the most before you’re through. And there you’ll have plenty to take home for pies!

An autumn drive.

As nice as it is to enjoy the outdoors, Canadian weather can hardly to counted on to cooperate. But you can still take in all the beauty of this time of year without going outside. Find the family member with the biggest van, pile in and head out for an autumn drive. There’s no shortage of beautiful scenic routes in Canada this time of year so you’ll likely have little trouble finding one.

Take in a matinee.

If you’ve seen all you need to see of the leaves changing colours and want a little more artificial entertainment, take the whole family down to the local multiplex and see a movie. Depending on the age-range of your Thanksgiving celebrators, it could be tricky finding the right movie for everyone. But relaxing in a dark theatre, watching a family flick with your loved ones is a great way to spend an afternoon. Just don’t fill up on popcorn.

Board games.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The family board game is a tried-and-true holiday activity. It’s an easy, it’s fun and everyone can join in. The perfect relaxed way to digest after the big meal. But stay away from Monopoly. No matter how strong your family is, Monopoly will cause a fight!

However you choose to spend time with your family this weekend, the BoomersPlus team wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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