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9 Essentials For A Perfect Beach Day

August 21, 2018

Still time to have the perfect summer beach day. Find out how to make it happen.

Try not to cry, but the truth is that summer is winding to a close. The good news is that it’s not over yet and there’s still time to get in some of those key summer experiences. And no summer is complete without a perfect day at the beach. So with such little time left, you want to plan ahead and do everything you can to ensure you have the best beach day possible. Let’s have a look at the absolute essentials to make for the perfect day at the beach.

The right weather.

Weather is a big factor for a successful beach day. So it’s good to know what kind of weather to look for when picking this right day. While avoiding the rain is an obvious one, you should also avoid those scorching hot days. I know, hot days and the beach seem to go so well together, but some days the heat can be too unbearable. Stick to those perfect days where your can relax and swim comfortably.

Get there early.

You’re not the only one looking for one last beach day. It can be a real hassle trying to navigate your way through the crowds and find the right spot to spend the day. If possible get a head start on the beach-going masses, arrive early and avoid the hassle. 

Find the right spot.

The best thing about beating the crowds is you have your pick of the prime spots. Which spot to choose depends on your own preferences. Do you like to be close to the water or back by the dunes? Do you like to carve out a private spot or be right in the action? Also consider how much space you and your fellow beach bums need to be comfortable.

Sun protection.

The number one thing you need to bring with you to the beach is sun protection. And you can’t have enough of it. Put on sunscreen as soon as you settle in and re-apply regularly – especially after going for a swim. Also take hats, umbrellas and anything else that can keep you safe and burn-free.

Plenty of water.

Staying hydrated at the beach is another essential health habit. You might not notice but you’re losing a lot of your body’s water just lounging in the sun. And while it’s okay to have a couple beers, don’t use that as a replacement for water. Bring enough for the day and then bring some extra.

Smart snacks.

A day at the beach can certainly work up an appetite. But just because you’re lounging in the sand doesn’t mean you can’t still make healthy eating choices. Pack some healthy options like fruits and veggies, nuts and healthy sandwiches to enjoy throughout the day. And make sure your cooler is good enough to keep them cool.

Zip lock bags.

Some of you might scoff at the idea of bringing cell phones to the beach but it’s good to have a way for people to get in touch with you just in case. In order to keep your phone from getting sandy, bring some zip lock bags to keep everything undamaged. 

Safe swimming spot.

Of course, no day at the beach is complete without a swim in the water. However, you should be sure to pick a safe spot for all swimmers in your party. Find somewhere that has a gradual build up to its deep points. Also be aware of boats and other water crafts in the area. Those on land should be able to see the swimmers at all times.

Leave at the right time.

Time can certainly get away from you when you’re having some fun at the beach but it’s important to know when it’s time to leave. Sitting in the sun all day can leave you tired and drowsy. Be sure you’re not at that point before you have to drive home. Likewise, be aware of how much you’re drinking at in what condition you’ll be in to get home safe. 

We all deserve one last great beach day before summer closes. Take these steps to ensure it’s a safe and fun one!


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