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10 Great Activities To Make The Most Out Of The Rest Of Summer

August 7, 2018

Don’t panic, there’s still plenty of summer left. Here’s how to enjoy every last second.

Every Canadian knows all too well that summer is a short thing that needs to be treasured. Each year, those warm, sunny months seem to fly by in the blink of an eye. For goodness sake, it’s already August. So even though there’s still plenty of summertime left, it’s time to start knocking off those summer bucket list items. If you’re looking for a few ideas for how best to spend the remaining summer days, look no further. Here’s your quick and easy guide to filling the next month with endless amounts of summer fun.

Relax on the beach.


With the heat being as extreme as it has been recently, of course the list must start with a cool down in the water. I’m sure if work and the rest of our lives didn’t interfere, most of us would spend the whole summer on the beach. Despite our chilly reputation, Canada is packed with beautiful beaches to enjoy. You can find your own perfect paradise between relaxing on the sand and cooling down on the ocean.

Have fun on a lake.


The beach isn’t the only aquatic fun around in the summer. Heading out on the lake is some of the most fun you can have under the sun. You can take a boat for a cruise, get a little exercise in the canoe, or just lazily float and take in the perfect day. Maybe you’re even lucky enough to own or know someone who owns a lake house so there’s no reason to leave.

See a drive-in movie.

There’s no better way to enjoy a movie than in the great outdoors at summertime. The classic drive-in experience in a bit of old-school fun that is still a blast no matter your age. And there’s a lot of excellent summer movies to watch. This might be a bit of a more difficult task to accomplish, as there are so few drive-in around. But if you can seek one out, it’s worth taking the effort. If not, spend a little money, buy a small projector, grab a bed sheet and make your own personal drive-in experience at home.

Read a great book.


Like movies, the summer just seems like a perfect time to enjoy a good book. We’ve explored the fun and joy of reading previously, and looked at some of the best books to enjoy during the summer. Seek out that perfect summer read and find your ideal reading spot. It’s quite an thrill to lose yourself inside the pages of a great book.

Have a picnic.


So much of what makes summer fun is being able to take your usual activities to the outdoors. With the weather being so warm and inviting, why not have lunch outside? Better yet, fill up and basket, find a nice quiet park and have yourself a picnic. The summer can be quite busy so it can be nice to take the time to sit and enjoy a peaceful picnic.

Road trip!


There’s a lot of factors that go in to the perfect road trip but good weather is certainly among them. The summer is perfect for hitting the road on an adventure. It doesn’t even matter where you’re heading or for how long. It could be a grand, cross-country trek. It could be a short day trip. Regardless, driving down the road with the window down and the radio on is as good as it gets.

Cool down with an ice cream cone.


While it’s important to remember healthy eating habits in the summer, an indulgence every now and then is fine. When it comes to the perfect summer treat on a hot day, does anything beat the classic ice-cream cone? Getting a few scoops of your favourite flavour is a tasty and refreshing way to beat the heat. And while it’s not a good idea to make it a routine, it just doesn’t feel like summer until you’ve had one.

Enjoy a patio drink.

Speaking of refreshing, a nice cold drink can be a perfect way to end the work week in the summer. And this time of year, just about every bar will have their patios set up so you can enjoy your drink and the warm weather all at once. If you’re not much for drinking alcohol, a patio can still be the perfect place to get a refreshing iced tea or soda. Again, keeping everything in moderation, you can enjoy a few summer treats.

Host a BBQ party.

eat healthy

Staying on the theme of food, every grill master waits year-round for the day they can take their barbeque out and grill up some amazing food. There’s no end to what you can barbeque – burgers, chicken, pork chops, sausages, not to mention a whole bunch of tasty veggies. But the appeal of the barbeque goes even beyond the food. It’s a great social event where you can spend time with loved ones and meet new friends while having a great meal. Have your own little BBQ gettogether and share the summer fun with others.

Sit around a bonfire.


Once you’ve tired yourself out from a day of fun, you and your friends and family can kick back and enjoy a classic summer bonfire. Perhaps the greatest social setting in the summertime where you can stay warm while enjoying the nighttime and the starry skies above. Be sure to check any on-going burning bans ahead of time and be safe, but also enjoy the experience. Maybe bring a few marshmallows to the party to make the experience complete? The perfect end to the perfect summer day.

What’s your favourite summer activity?


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