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6 Tips For Reignite A Struggling Job Search

August 3, 2018

No luck on the job search yet? Instead of losing hope, motivate yourself to find that ideal position that’s waiting for you.

Everyone knows a job search can be a very difficult process. Sometimes the jobs you’re after just aren’t there. It’s never fun to be unsure what you’re going to do for work. Maybe you’re getting close to securing the right position, only to be rejected in the final stages. That can start to take a toll on you. You can reach a point of self-doubt and feel like it’s time to give up. At that point, it’s time for you to reignite your job search.

That probably sounds easier said than done — and it is. Your job search won’t suddenly be a success just because you want it to be. You need to shake off those rejections and retool your approach. That’s not to say you’ve been doing the whole thing wrong so far, but it’s time for something fresh. If you find things have stalled, consider these tips for turning things around and finding your job.

Get passed the fear.

Being unemployed can be a very scary time in your life. The uncertainty of the whole situation can cause a lot of anxiety. For many boomers who find themselves, they’ve been working since they were in their 20s and this is the first time they have been without a job. That fear is understandable, but it’s going to get in the way of a successful job search. You need confidence and motivation to restart your job search and constantly worrying about the outcome and second-guessing yourself will stop you in your tracks. There is no easy way to put this fear aside. You simply have to remind yourself that you don’t have time for such things. But the more you work on your job search and the more confident you become, the less you’ll be having those thoughts.

Identify the problem.

Again, I’m sure you are putting in your full effort and doing your best work, but something isn’t working. That doesn’t mean you are lacking in one area. It often means there is something you are overlooking or something you need to give extra effort to. You need to consider what didn’t work the first time around. It could be one thing but more likely a combination of smaller elements that caused problems. Take a step back from things and try to identify what the issues might be. Once you can identify the problems, you can work on addressing them effectively.

Learn from past mistakes.

Along with looking at the factors that might have hampered your job search, you need to consider where you made mistakes. Yes, a poor job market can certainly make things difficult, but to shift the blame is a disservice to yourself. Understanding where you need to improve is essential for making progress. Maybe your resume needs work, or you’ve struggled with interviews. Perhaps you slacked off on networking opportunities, or it could be the types of positions you’re applying for. Don’t beat yourself up for these missed opportunities. Use them as learning opportunities and go forward with more knowledge.

Try new methods.

One of the problems many boomer job seekers face is being unfamiliar with modern job search methods. Again, many of these professionals have been working the entire adult life. Things have changed over the years. For instance, social media now plays a very important role in job searches. Also, networking events are key opportunities to take advantage of. If your methods aren’t working, don’t plant your feet and be stubborn. Shake things up and try new approaches.

Seek help.

Some people can feel can feel embarrassed about looking for work. Don’t let that be you. It’s something that endless amounts of professionals deal with and it certainly shouldn’t stop you from seeking help. Reaching out to others for help with your job search is not only reasonable, it’s smart. You’ve likely built a solid network of professional contacts over the years. That is invaluable in the job search. Whether it’s business associates, references, or just friends of friends, it’s always smart to keep those relationships open. Ask about positions that are open, other contacts that might be of value or just help with interview prep. It’s not begging, it’s being practical.

Go easy on yourself.

A long job search is a stressful situation to find yourself in, and it’s hard to ever feel really relaxed. There’s a feeling that until you secure your next job you don’t deserve any downtime. But you know yourself and that you’re putting in 100% and more in this job search. Allow yourself to relax before you get burned out. Take the weekends off, unwind at night, or even go on vacation. Trust me, you’ve earned it.


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