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8 Travel Experiences To Inspire Your Next Getaway

June 26, 2018

No matter how old you are, wanderlust can strike at anytime. That feeling of getting away from the everyday and exploring something new is a feeling like no other. The anticipation of what awaits you, the excitement of experiencing a different adventure and the memories you get to come home with – it’s what makes travelling such a thrill. While we all probably have those vacation experiences we love, you owe it to yourself to occasionally branch out and see what else the world has to offer. So if you need a little inspiration about what your next adventure will be, allow us to offer a few suggestions for a trip of a lifetime.

Visit a new continent.

Visiting all seven continents in the world seems like an obvious bucket-list option but there’s a reason so many people have this particular travel dream. The world is full of so many experiences and cultures that are impossible to take in in just one lifetime. But being able to say you have stepped foot on every continent in the world and saw a glimpse of a different way of living is something special. Each continent can offer a new unique adventure that gives you at least a small idea of just how much there is the explore in this world.

See the world from a new height.

I confess, I have a pretty acute fear of heights – a fear that seems to be shared by many people. But even I must admit there is something special about bringing yourself up to a point where you can look down on the world laid out before you. There’s a number of ways to challenge your altitude and get a new view on things. If you’re especially thrill-seeking, you can try your hand at skydiving. If you want a more leisurely way to be on top of the world, take a hot air balloon ride. Or challenge yourself by climbing a mountain and looking down on how far you’ve come. Who knows what you’ll see from up there?

Head to the sea.

As much as there’s endless areas to explore on land, there’s even more mysteries in the ocean. Whether it’s exploring the other world that exists below the surface, or just setting out for an adventure on the open ocean, there’s plenty of thrills to be found. Scuba diving is probably the closest thing you can get to exploring a new planet. You can join a sailing trip and see the endless sea stretched out before you. Even luxury cruises allow you to explore exotic and new parts of the world while also experiencing the thrill of sea voyage. No time like the present to ear your sea legs.

Take a walkabout.

Of course you don’t need to climb to great heights or go sailing away to experience something truly unforgettable. That can certainly be achieved by keeping both feet on the ground. There is so much to see just by walking and exploring. Take a hike to a new place, join a city walking tour or head out on your own (safely) to take in nature. It’s a great way to find new things, get some exercise and reconnect with yourself. Some of your best self-reflection can be done if you just get out for a walk.

Remove yourself.

We live in a busy world and it can be easy to forget just how amazing it can be to escape all of it every now and then. You work hard and deserve the rare reprieve from the hustle and bustle. Seek out destinations and experiences that take you away from it all. That kind of occasional isolation can be really healthy and leave you recharged and ready to re-enter the world with new perspectives. It’s easy to forget how valuable alone time can be and what we gain from embracing it – why not remind yourself?

Embrace the cold.

We’re Canadian so it’s fair to say we get our fair share of cold. So if, for your hard-earned vacation, you would much rather seek out sun and sandy beaches, I could hardly criticize you for that. But do keep in mind that tropical paradises are not the only adventures out there. There are places on the planet where the temperature drops and yet the experiences of the landscapes, the cultures, the wildlife and much more are well-worth the discomfort. Don’t let the weather dissuade you from a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Indulge yourself on new cuisine.

While hiking mountains, underwater exploration and cross-country treks are fulfilling travel experiences, sometimes you can get all the adventure you need at a dinner table. Part of the fun of exploring new cultures is getting a taste for their cuisine. Don’t kid yourself, indulging in new foods and expanding your taste buds a little can make for a very enjoyable and memorable vacation. Plus, you’ll likely be heading home with a whole lot of new recipes to share.

See something you’ve never seen before.

In the end, a truly memorable travel experience comes down to treating yourself to something you’ve never experienced before. We all have a long list of places we want to see and things we want to do. Embrace that list and really try to give yourself the opportunity to check some of those dream destinations off. Also, always be on the lookout for new destinations and experiences to add to your list. Ask your friends about their latest trip and get recommendations. Nothing is better that discovering a new perfect destination. Keep your passion for exploring alive and then go out and make it a reality.

What’s your dream travel destination?


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