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9 Habits All Boomers Need To Kick

June 27, 2018

As we’ve explored this month in Health & Wellness, bad habits can be very hard to break. The very nature of these habits is that they become engrained in our routine and feel second-nature to us. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort for one to kick habits that they have indulged too long. However, recognizing bad habits is sometimes not as easy as you might think. We might have a vague notion that certain things are not good for us, but they are such a part of our routine that we don’t allow ourselves to think too much about the harm these habits are causing to our health. Consider your health habits and if you might be indulging some bad ones.

Not drinking enough water.

We’ve been told for many, many years the importance of water in your daily routine. And yet as important as it is for your health and as easy as it is to accomplish, a lot of people are neglecting to get enough water. The magic number that is often thrown around is eight glasses per day, but it differs from person to person. And when they say glasses of water, they mean water. Drinking coffee and other drinks as a replacement for water can actually increase dehydration. There are a number of negative effects of not getting enough water including weight gain, loss of focus and increased risk of serious medical conditions.

Neglecting your sleep.

Boomers are often known for their short sleeping habits. Unfortunately, when they think they are saving more time by cutting their sleep back, they are actually creating serious health concerns for themselves. It is recommended that boomers get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night and a failure to do so can cause a rise in blood pressure and memory loss. A few extra hours of awake time are certainly not worth the very serious risks it can cause for you.

Late night snacks.

While snacking is probably something we can generally do without, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional health conscious indulgence. However, many people are pretty careless with their snacking, choosing to eat whatever and whenever they want. A common bad habit is late night snacking before bed. Late at night your metabolism slows so any food eaten close to bedtime is more difficult to break down. Also, lying down after eating can cause heartburn and indigestion.

Not protecting your skin.

The summer is finally here, and it can be easy to get carried away with the fun of the season and enjoying the sun. A particularly bad habit of this time of year is the lack of sun protection for your skin. Even relatively minor sunburns can significantly increase your risk of skin cancer, which increases further as we age. It takes hardly any effort at all to appropriately apply sunscreen and be able to enjoy the sun safely.

Eating what you want.

We all know by now what’s considered a healthy diet and what isn’t, and yet many of us keep up our bad eating habit. It doesn’t matter how old you are and how much you think you live a healthy lifestyle – you still need to watch what you eat. Cutting out sugary, salty, oily and fatty foods is essential in maintaining your health.

Skipping meals.

We all have busy schedules and occasionally there are those days where you’re just searching for any free time at all. However, no matter how busy your day gets, skipping meals is never the right answer. At least three balanced meals each day is what you need. Also, skipping meals so you can indulge at supper time is not a healthy alternative. Stick to a regular and smart eating routine each day.


Boomers can take pride in being a motivated and hardworking generation. Even as they age, their passion for work remains very strong. However, there is a time when you have to accept you are aging and that work cannot be the sole priority of your time. This doesn’t mean retirement is a must but it is important to maintain healthy working hours and not overextend yourself. Overworking can result in stress, lack of focus as well as encouraging several other unhealthy habits.

Not enough exercise.

Just as with healthy eating, exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and that surely comes as a surprise to no one at this point. Again, a busy life can make it difficult to find the time for exercise, but health must be a priority. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses anymore and make it a part of your day every day.

Ignoring your health.

Overall, the most harming unhealthy habit you can have is not caring enough about your health. If you read any of the above listed habits and convince yourself that keeping those habits as part of your lifestyle is fine, you are indulging in this very damaging habit. The same goes to avoiding regular doctor check-ups. In order to maintain our health, we need to be proactive and responsible. Make the effort to remain health conscious and your lifestyle will benefit as a result.

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