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8 Rules Of Proper Movie Theatre Etiquette

September 22, 2018

What bad movie theatre behaviour bugs you the most?

When work or other responsibilities are stressing you out, sometimes it’s nice just to escape to a dark theatre and get lost in a good movie. We’ve already looked the joy of going to the movies solo and why it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. But believe it or not, there are rules to being a respectful movie-goer. You’re not the only one there to enjoy the experience after all. Check out all you need to know about proper movie theatre etiquette.

Be punctual.

You might think it’s up to you what time you show up for a movie. But as soon as the lights dim and the screen lights up, a late arrival can be really distracting and annoying. Get there a few minutes ahead of time to get your concession snacks, find a good seat and settle in before it starts.

Respect personal space.

A packed theatre can be uncomfortable, but you still need to be aware of those sitting around you. Don’t steal the armrest of the person next to you. Don’t stretch your legs into your neighbour’s area. And keep your feet off the seats in front of you. Stick to your own space.

Enjoy theatre appropriate food.

Some people would rather avoid the normal concession food. But if you’re bringing your own food be sure it’s something appropriate for the environment. Popcorn has a welcoming smell and isn’t too eat – an ideal theatre snack. Other choices need to take those factors into account. Nothing too smelly, nothing that’s going to make a racket and nothing overly messy.

Easy on the seat saving.

Saving a seat for your friends while they’re in the bathroom is fine. But having one person block off an entire row is not fine. If you can’t all get there at the same time you might just have to sit separately or miss out on the prime seats. Not ideal but fair.

Turn that phone off.

Not on vibrate. Not on silent. Turn it completely off! Avoid the temptation to check that phone in the middle of the movie. In a dark theatre, those screens can be very bright. If you can’t go that long without checking your phone then maybe going to the movies isn’t for you.

And no talking.

Going to the movies alone is fun. It’s fun to go with friends as well. Sharing your thoughts on the movie you just watched is part of that fun. But wait until the movie is over. You might think you’re whispering but it can still be awfully annoying to others.

Deal with rule-breakers respectfully.

Now there may be others who are breaking some of these rules of etiquette. If they are ruining your movie-going experience, then you have a right to confront them. But there’s no reason to be impolite or angry about it. Respectfully ask them to address the disruptive behaviour and you’re more likely to find them apologetic and responsive.

No spoilers!

It can be very tempting to start talking about the movie as soon as it’s over. Fight that temptation until you’re out of the theatre. There are likely people about to go see the same movie. They don’t want to overhear how the movie ends.

Respect and common sense is really all that’s needed to ensure everyone has a nice movie-going experience.


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