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8 European Destinations Worth Travelling To In 2018

January 9, 2018

Looking for that perfect 2018 getaway? Check out some of the best European destinations to for this year’s travel adventures.

Now that 2018 is up and running, it’s only right that we all start thinking about our 2018 vacations. The start of a new year is the perfect time to dream of all the new and favourite places you’ll get to visit in the next 12 months. For right now, let’s focus on those European destinations that are calling to us this year. Europe is full of so many wonderful and exciting cities and places to visit, far too many to name here. But we’ve done the near-impossible task of narrowing things down to some of the most promising getaway spots for 2018 based on price, available fun and rich history to explore. Have a look!


Though the most popular of Germany’s vacation destinations, Berlin still has not really been one of the most sought-after getaway spots in the world. However, all that could be changing with its current cultural renaissance that can help keep tourists busy morning, noon and night. But one of the most pleasant things about Berlin is, even though it is a large city, it is a wonderful outdoor vacation. You’ll find much more green areas than in most cities perfect for warm days. Also for those interested in history, Berlin features some of the most important history you’ll find.


If you’re looking for a romantic trip with your partner, forget about the cliché Paris trip (although I wouldn’t turn that down either) and go for a change of pace with the equally romantic Budapest. Though moved into the modern era, this city still has its history well intact as well as its gothic-esque buildings. A relaxing vacation awaits you full of beautiful sceneries and plenty of food and drink hotspots.


There are some European getaways that you just can’t go wrong with and Dublin certainly fits that role. While the weather might not always agree, the culture of the city certainly does. Stop in to just about any pubs in the city and grab a drink while enjoying some authentic Celtic music as well as the Irish charm. Tours of the Guinness and Jameson factories are highly recommended, and if you want to see some of the beautiful views outside the bog city, treat yourself to a train trip for the day.


Italy has so much to offer and looks to be the top European destination for this year, and Florence might be a big reason for that. The beauty of the city means that the visuals along will be worth the trip, and they don’t even cost anything to enjoy. There are a number of affordable accommodations. Brilliant galleries featuring some of the most celebrated artists of all time and a vibrant nightlife are some of the highlights.


One of Spain’s most beautiful locations and that is certainly saying something. It is a city that is always growing with new restaurants, venues and attractions opening all the time. It’s the perfect place for those looking for a more active vacation, although if you’re most interested in simply exploring the city, you won’t be disappointed in that either.


Prague may be a more modern city than some people would assume given its history, but the relationship between past and present is what makes it such a unique and wonderful destination. With upscale accommodations available, exciting nightlife atmosphere and local cuisine, the city certainly caters to a more modern audience while the rich history and architecture are enough to please the more interested travellers. No wonder the city is at the height of its tourism boom.


We head back to Rome for perhaps its most popular destination, and what could be 2018’s top destination for Europe as well. Rome has always been a hot tourist spot and it’s certainly not hard to see why. The historical aspects of the city make one feel as though they have stepped back in time to a world completely removed from our own. While the modern setting is crowding in on those great historical scenes, the energy and adventure of Rome can not be understated and you’ll hear few complaints from anyone lucky enough to visit.


Let’s take another look at Spain, because it certainly deserves it, and Seville is a prime example why. There is an undeniable passion to a place like this that is absolutely contagious. And yet there is a laidback feel to the whole city too. One can simply go at their own speed and always feel comfortable. And isn’t comfort the key to any great vacation?

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