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7 Ways To Get Back In Shape As You Age

January 10, 2018

It has been said in many studies and we’ve reiterated it here multiple times that the boomer generation is significantly healthier at their age than any previous generation. A lot of that seems to be thanks to the fact that, in many cases, they have been exposed to and adopted the health-conscious society we live in today. This resulted in an increased number of boomer-aged adults seeking to improve their health and get back in shape.

To be conscious enough to understand you need to make such steps is a great thing, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. But nor does it mean that your age should prevent you from getting back in shape and taking control of your own health. If you’re looking to make some changes for the better, have a look at our tips for getting back in shape as you age.

Talk to your doctor.

Like it or not, our age is going to play a role in how we approach a healthy lifestyle. What worked for us in our younger days are no longer as effective and, in some cases, they can be dangerous. That’s why you should absolutely discuss your plans of getting back in shape with your doctor. Ask them about what kinds of diets are healthy for you and what kinds of exercise you should be avoiding. Not only will their advice help make the whole process safer but also more effectively reach towards your goal.

Have a reason.

With this kind of self improvement, a lot of hard work and sacrifice is necessary. You need to push yourself to exercise and you need to deprive yourself of those bad habits that are unhealthy. That’s why motivation is such an important part of the process. There are many days that you’re going to want to quit, and in those instances, you need to remind yourself why the struggle is worth it in the end. Your reasons can be simple, like a desire to look better, or it can be the deeper idea to live a longer, more fulfilling life. Being aware of these reasons won’t make the process easy, but it will help you move forward.

Focus on your diet.

When one looks at their lifestyle and decides they want to live healthier, their mind generally goes to being more active, but it inevitably has to also involve your diet as well. What we eat has a tremendous impact on our health so paying special attention to the food we consume has to be one of the top priorities. For boomers, a Mediterranean diet is recommended by most health professionals and allows you to enjoy a great many delicious things. Whatever path you do decide on for your diet, make it a main concern for your new lifestyle plans.

Form an exercise plan.

Along with your diet, regular exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle and getting yourself back in shape. However the approach you take towards your exercises will be a determining factor in the results you achieve. There are some exercises that people enjoy more than others, but we can’t ignore those workouts that will really make a difference. You need to know which exercises are beneficial, how to approach the regular workout and how to keep it going. Planning is a big part of all of this and when you go in with a solid idea of what you want and what your goals are, the results will be that much greater.

Attach yourself to a routine.

Forming a routine to work off of is a very important step to getting in shape. Let’s face it, life can sometimes get in the way of things like this, work becomes too busy and then it becomes very easy to blow off the exercise plan for the day. You need to avoid those excuses by putting together a routine and attaching factors to it that will force you to stay committed. It could be a gym membership, exercise classes, a jogging buddy or any number of other things that helps to keep you on track.

Know your limits.

As mentioned before, how we are able to exercise safely changes as we age and it’s important to keep that in mind. When you push yourself too hard, it has the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. The likely outcome is that you get hurt and are unable to get that regular exercise for a while. Understand your limits and operate within them. Don’t look at those limits as hindering because you can still achieve just as much without having to push unnecessarily towards risking your health.


Last but certainly not least is a bit of a surprise and a concept that boomers seem to have specific trouble with; taking it easy. While getting in shape requires a whole lot of hard work, it also requires you letting your body take a break when it needs to. Along the same line as our previous point, pushing yourself too hard is not going to do you any good, and rest will often be beneficial. And speaking off rest, a good night’s sleep is 100 percent doctor recommended and you should aim for 7-8 hours every night.

Again, it’s not an easy undertaking but it is an important one. Most important of all is remembering that you are never too old to make changes that better your life.

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