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7 Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Spring Road Trips

April 3, 2018

Winter finally seems to be moving away, the weather is warming and the snow is beginning to melt – what better time to start planning your Springtime road trip?

While driving for hours as part of a much-deserved vacation is not everyone’s idea of a good time, there’s something joyous about the laid-back freedom of the road — especially this time of the year. That’s why, this month on The Hub, we’re going to explore everything that goes into a perfect road trip. And first things first, let’s take a look at what you need to do to get your car ready after a long winter.

Take off the winter tires.

First things first, get those winter tire off and put on some summer tires or all-seasons. Those people who keep putting off changing their tires going into the winter season are putting themselves and other drivers because of their laziness. Most people think that not switching back to summer tires is as important but those winter tires don’t operate as effectively in higher temperatures and could result in an accident.

Give it a deep clean.

Winter is a pretty messy season and your car is probably in the need of some TLC by the time spring hits. Start with the interior, clear out all those water bottles and Tim Horton’s cups that have been sitting in your backseat all season. Remove those floor mats are either give them a good wash or replace them. The move to the exterior. Clean out the undercarriage so all that garbage kicked up with the ice and snow so they don’t get kicked back into any following cars. And of course, take a trip to the car wash just to get the car looking all shiny and ready for the warm weather.

Replace windshield wipers.

During the winter’s many snowfalls, your windshield wipers need to be working overtime. When springtime hits, it’s time to switch them out. Spring is warmer, but it doesn’t mean your wiper won’t still be needed with all the rain. They’re fairly cheap so you should hesitate to switch them out.

Check tires.

As much as your wipers are put through the ringer during the winter, your tires go through a lot more. yes, you should be changing your tires anyway, but with all the rough driving conditions and potholes all over the road in the winter, getting your tires realigned is a good idea. As for your replacement tires, it’s wise to get the tire pressure checked right away.

Oil check time.

Modern cars don’t need oil changes as frequently as older ones, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. It can be pretty easy to overlook this very important aspect of automotive care, so the seasonal change is a great time to take care of the issue.

Update your emergency kit.

An emergency kit is one of the most essential parts of your car that most people don’t have. Some might have the bare minimum, like tire changing tools but most car owners are far shy of being truly prepared. What if you have to change that tire in the rain? Do you have bottles of water packed? A cell phone? Think about every likely emergency scenario you’ll encounter on the road and prepare for it. If you do have an emergency kit, update it for the spring and replenish where necessary.

Check the glove compartment.

As much as you insist that your glove compartment only be used for important items, that doesn’t usually end up being the case over time. It tends to become a junk drawer before long and all those important items get buried. Take this time to clean it out and make sure all the essentials (car manual, insurance, registration) are accounted for.

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