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Boomers Deserve Flexibility In Their Careers

April 2, 2018

There has been a lot said about boomers and their current career outlooks. Some negative, some positive – nearly all takes on the matter overgeneralize the needs and wants of an entire generation. As someone who participates in this discussion, I can say that it is hard to avoid the such all-encompassing writing. Admittedly, even the title of this article is assuming more than it can back-up. But regardless of how many boomers find their own career pursuits don’t match up with what I’m about to explore, it’s hard to deny the massive changes we’ve seen from this generation in terms of their work.

Since they entered into the workforce, boomers have been seen as the career-minded generation. They found solid and secure jobs as soon as they got out of school and they made a living from that. While the reputation for strong work ethic stays with them, what boomers have in mind for their careers now drifts closer to the path of younger generations. Millennials and boomers have been pitted against one another again and again — usually in editorial pieces that use those previously mentioned broad strokes. Yet in one area where they seem to but heads the most – career – they seem to have found common ground.

Millennials have long-been associated with a more open view on career than their previous generations. This has earned them the label from critics as lazy and disloyal, but the reality is that they seem to be working in reverse to boomers.

Millennials (by and large) are less likely to settle in to a career right away. They would rather explore options, work odd jobs or flexible work while they pursue passions, or find a pursuit they can explore through their own business venture. This almost mirrors in the opposite way the boomer approach to career. While boomers sought out the stable careers early in life, they now desire for that work-life balance that allows them to explore other aspects of their life.

Boomers have finally entered into the stage of their careers where flexibility becomes one of the top priorities. And it is here where the inevitable retirement topic enters into the discussion.

Boomers have obliterated the concept of retirement age thanks to their refusal to leave the workforce, and yet that doesn’t mean they want to continue on as they always have. They want to escape the 9-to-5 work world. They seek working retirement and part-time work that offers more opportunities. It is that flexibility that BoomersPlus looks to offer any boomer professional that is looking for more opportunity. Boomers have worked hard in their career and now it’s time for their careers to work a little for them.

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