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6 Skills Every Employer Is Looking For

November 26, 2018

Do you have the essential skills for any job?

When looking into a potential job, one of the first things you look at are the required skills. The employer will have determined the necessary skills for performing the position effectively. Some of these are job specific skills, but you likely notice there are skills that seem to apply to just about any job position out there. These are the skills that are universal and never become out-dated in the workforce. Skills that, if you’re proficient in, make you a strong candidate. Let’s have a look at some of the skills every employer is looking for.


How many problems would be avoided with better communication in place? The ability to communicate ideas, opinions and information in a clear and concise way helps the entire operation run much more smoothly. Whether in talking to clients and customers, or sending an email, a good communicator is invaluable to an organization.


Since we were young, we were taught how to play with others. Those lessons actually carry over into the professional world. Organizations thrive when teams are working effectively together towards the same goal. Employers want people who can share ideas, improve on others’ ideas, create new things together and do it all in a respectful and professional way.


One the other side of the coin, employers also want someone who can stand on their own. This is not a contradiction, because an ideal candidate should be able to do both. The want those people who do not balk at taking on responsibility. They want people with the confidence to put their work forward and not have to be guided along the whole way.


A common criticism of the modern boomer professional is that they are behind on the times. It’s a concern for employers because they know the professional world is always changing. What was new yesterday is outdated today. They want professionals who are not only unphased by changes, but who can adapt to those changes without skipping a beat.

Problem solving.

Problems arise all the time in the workplace. No matter how professional and effective you are with your work, you will run up against something unexpected. Employers want someone who isn’t going to freeze in the face of such issues. They want someone who can rationally look at the situation and determine the best next move.


Attitude matters a lot. A candidate could be the most talented prospect around, but if their attitude is wrong, employers are going to have a tough time hiring them. Employers want someone who is passionate about the work and provides a positive contribution to the team. They want someone who believes in what they are doing and will put forth their best effort at all times.

Consider your own skills set and if you might need to sharpen some of these essential skills. It might just be the thing that lands you that next job.


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