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The Dos And Don’ts Of Air Travel

November 27, 2018

Everything you need to know to fly the friendly skies.

Air travel comes with a lot of obstacles and a lot variables. In order to navigate the complicated situations and ensure you have a good flight, think about some of dos and don’ts of air travel.

Do Arrive Prepared

Once you get to the airport, you should be in flight mode. Have your boarding pass, passport, carry-on luggage and checked baggage ready to go so you can have a worry-free time before take-off.

Don’t Be Late

Getting ready for vacation is a hectic process, but you don’t want to cut things too close. You never know what kind of obstacles you’ll run into at the airport so be sure you’re giving yourself enough time to check-in, go through security and find your gate.

Do Know Your Luggage Limit

Packing can be a stressful part of travelling. Knowing what to bring and what to leave behind is a continuous struggle. However, you don’t want to find when you check your bag that it’s over the airline limit. Know your allotment beforehand so all your things will arrive with you.

Don’t Pack Liquids In Your Carry-On

For years we’ve lived with the rules of not bringing liquids through security. And yet it’s still an easy one to forget. Check your toiletries bag and ensure there’s nothing prohibited that you’re taking through otherwise you’ll have to leave it behind.

Do Pack Your Own Snacks

Depending on good airline food is risky. You’re better off bringing some of your own food to enjoy during the flight. Pick some healthy snacks that can keep you satisfied without making you feel gross.

Don’t Pack Anything Smelly Or Messy

When picking your in-flight food, be sure you’re choosing something appropriate for the setting. You have plenty of travellers around. Don’t subject them to food with strong odours or food that will make a mess. Something simple will suit the occasion just fine.

Do Be Polite

Traveling can be stressful, but it’s also meant to be a fun experience. Things might not always go your way but that doesn’t mean it’s anyone’s fault. Stay polite and respectful of airport and airline workers, as well as your fellow travellers.

Don’t Be Impatient

Delays happen – there’s nothing you can do about it. In fact, even in an on-time flight, there’s typically a lot of waiting around. If you’re calm and patient, then the time will pass much quicker. If you’re impatient, then you’re in for a long trip.

Do Make Yourself Comfortable

The whole flying experience can be a lot better is you’re able to be comfortable. We’ve already looked at how it’s possible to remain comfortable on even the longest flights. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll arrive at your destination in good spirits.

Don’t Invade Others’ Spaces

Again, there are other people on the plane other than yourself. While your own comfort is important, you need to take into account the comfort of those around you. Stick to your own space and don’t do anything that disturbs the rest of the people on the plane. We can all travel together in comfort if we remain respectful.


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