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Why A Morning Walk Is The Best Way To Start The Day

December 12, 2018

Adding a morning walk to your daily routine can help start the day off on the right foot.

How do you start your day? The first hour of your morning can really set the stage for what follows. You want to be sure your day gets off on the right foot. And one of the best ways to ensure that it does is with a morning walk.

It seems simple enough but even a short thirty-minute walk every morning can be more positive than you would believe. It’s not just a great way to start the day but important for your health. Just have a look at some of the benefits to making a morning walk part of your daily routine.

Regular physical activity.

Staying active is not easy but as we age, keeping up regular exercise is very important. It might not be the most intensive workout, but daily walks have been shown to be a great weight loss method, beneficial to keeping bones strong and reduces the risk of heart disease. It is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.

It’s done.

It can be hard to find the motivation to get out there every day. Getting your walks over with right away means it’s done for the day. You don’t have to dread it or find time for it and you can continue the day with a sense of accomplishment. That doesn’t mean you can’t add some more exercise to your routine. But having that done first thing every morning means feels pretty good. No time for excuses — just get walking right away.

Energy boost.

Getting out of  bed in the morning can often be a struggle. Most of us reach for the coffee pot to get us going, but a walk can do even more. Getting your muscles moving and your heart pumping has been shown to increase one’s energy in the morning. There’s nothing quite like starting the day with that energized attitude that allows you to be more productive and efficient.

Sets your mind right.

We’ve already covered the benefits to morning meditation. Being able to be alone with your thoughts in the morning can really help get your mind in the right place to take on the challenges of the day. And a morning walk is a great place to get some thinking done. Think through the things that are bothering you. Look  for solutions to problems you face. Or just think through your daily tasks. It will improve your mood and prepare you for the day ahead.

Mornings don’t need to be difficult. Adding something positive like a morning walk to your routine sets you on the right path to conquer the day. So what are you waiting for? Rise and shine!

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