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Why Experience Matters – Now More Than Ever

May 18, 2017

Today’s workforce, according to many, is in turmoil. As the boomer generation ages, there is a growing concern that the young generation can not successfully fill the gap. Businesses are desperately seeking for those rare millennials who take over from professionals who have been in their positions for years. What is the one factor that’s missing in all cases? Experience.

Some will say the younger generation can’t get hired because the “greedy and “double-dipping” boomers refuse to retire. That’s a false assumption. Employers aren’t hiring the younger generation because they don’t have experience. A diploma and good education is important, but it will never beat actual experience in the field. And experience, isn’t just an asset for job seekers, it’s an asset for employers. As the workforce gets younger, businesses need people who have application over concept. Ironically, the group that can offer the most help are boomers.

There is a significant push by some employers against hiring boomers on their “encore career”. While their age is a deterrent in these cases, it should be the years on the job that grab employers’ attention. These boomers with their lengthy years of experience hit the ground running, giving employers that proven quality they are seeking in today’s workforce. And no, these are not jobs meant for the younger generation. These are the high-level, executive jobs that the younger generation doesn’t have the experience for. But with boomers in the workplace, businesses can tap into that extremely valuable experience to share with the younger professionals, preparing the workforce for that day when the boomers truly do step aside.

So boomers, while they say you’re greedy or too old to work, please pay them no mind. Whether they know it or not, your years on the job offer so much opportunity to us all. Continue working, continue growing and, as always, share your experience.

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