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7 Tips For Rejoining The Workforce After A Break

7 Tips For Rejoining The Workforce After A Break

May 17, 2017

The growing trend among retirees is… well, that they aren’t retired anymore. Many boomers have chosen to return to work after leaving the workforce for reasons ranging from financial necessity to personal interest. While the trend has been extremely positive for the overall workforce and the economy, returning to work after being away for a significant amount of time is not as easy as it might seem. Here are a few tips to help ensure you return to the workforce the right way.

Explore why you’re coming back.

It’s perfectly natural to want to go back to work, but just jumping in without exploring your motivations is never a smart idea. Following through based on impulse can easily lead you down a path where you become unhappy and bored and right back to where you started. Instead, explore your desire to get back to work. Finance could have something to do with it, but there needs to be more than that. What do you feel you need to accomplish? What would you like to do differently? Questions like this help prepare you to return to work the way you want.

Discuss the decision with your loved ones.

Of course, such a big decision does not only concern you but your loved ones as well. If going back to work is important to you, then you’ll probably have everyone’s full support, but you need to be sure this move works for everyone. Your return to work will no doubt have a significant effect on the household. Allow your loved ones to offer opinions and concerns so that everyone can be heard on the matter. Whatever the reason for going back to work, it’s one your family should share with you.

Re-familiarize yourself with the skills.

No matter how long you were previously at work and how much experience you’ve attained over the years, it’s quite possible that your skills have gotten a bit rusty while you were taking a break. It’s not a bad idea to warm them up before you jump headfirst back into the working world. If you can practice your skills and work on your own, then start getting into a practice schedule. Or, if time permits, you could even volunteer in a role similar to your past work. That way you can re-enter the workforce ready to go.

Check out the new skills.

Since you’ve been out of the workforce there’s almost certainly been quite a few changes to the industry. While your past experience and skills will still be very valuable, you may need to brush up on some new skills before you’re ready to come back. Do some research into what new software has been developed over the years, what technology is pertinent and any other new skills you should be coming back with. Boomers are often criticized for being stubborn in their ways, so show them you’re more than capable and willing to stay current.

Look forward.

Going back to work is a big thing to take on but you also have to consider what comes next. Ask yourself where you want your career to go from here. They don’t need to be high ambitions, but your career path will very much inform how you return to work.


Just like any job search period, networking is key. When returning to work you might think networking isn’t necessary since you’ve been through it all before, but there are a lot of benefits to be had. Speak to friends and former colleagues about new opportunities and what the climate is like since your break. Being able to talk to people who are working whether you know them or not, can only make you more prepared to

Find happiness at work.

At this point in your professional life, being unhappy at work just isn’t worth it. You could find a high-level job that pays great, but if you know it’s not what you want, then why would you put yourself through that? Many boomers entered the workforce just wanting to make a living, and after building a career, never stopped to consider if this is what they wanted to be doing. Now is the time to be finding a passion and pursuing it. Work can be very fulfilling if you allow yourself the luxury of being happy at work.

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