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What You Need To Know About Canada’s Cannabis Legalization

October 17, 2018

Today is the day Canada’s long-awaited legalization of recreational cannabis comes into effect. Canada is only the second country in the world to take such a step. There remain many questions surrounding the very significant move. While some still feel unsure about whether they will participate in this newly available substance, many are excited that the day is finally here.

If you still have questions regarding what this legalization means and the rules surrounding it, let’s take a quick look at the “need-to-know” facts about Canada’s cannabis legalization.

When is it legalized?

Today — October 17, 2018 — is indeed the day that cannabis is legal all across Canada. When there are guidelines to how and where you can use it (which we’ll get into), purchasing of cannabis is now available for everyone of legal age.

What is the legal age for buying cannabis?

Though the Federal government set a minimum age for buying cannabis at 18, many provinces exercised their right to increase that age limit. The legal age will be 19 in most provinces with the current exception of Alberta and Quebec being 18. These age limits could increase over time if the provinces deem it necessary.

Where can you buy cannabis?

You are legally allowed to purchase cannabis online anywhere within Canada. However for some, like those in Ontario and Nunavut, online is the only option for now. Other provinces and territories have physical stores established in selected cities.

What can you buy?

Stores and online facilities will have a variety of cannabis strains in the forms of fresh and dried plants, seeds, oils and pre-rolled joints. For now, edible selections will not be made available although that is expected to change over time with regulations being worked out.

Where can you use it?

Where cannabis is allowed may vary depending on which province or territory you are in. It’s your responsibility to know the rules for  your own use. You can browse the regulations by each province and territory here. The generally accepted use is in a private residence, though your landlord can have the final say on that.

How much will it cost?

The cost will vary depending on what kind of cannabis you are buying, but the average price will be between $10-15 per gram.

How much can you buy?

The legal limit for how much you can have on your person at one time, and therefore how much you can buy at one time, is 30 grams.

How much can you grow?

In most provinces, you are allowed up to 4 plants per household. However, in some provinces, like Manitoba, growing will be prohibited.

Can you drive while smoking?

Driving while on cannabis is considered impaired driving. It is met with severe penalties. It is incredibly dangerous. Don’t do it. Indulge and enjoy when you can do it responsibly.


You can find more information through the Government of Canada.


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