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Virtual Mentor Project

May 14, 2021

Virtual Mentor Project - Powered by BoomersPlus in Partnership with Schwenker & Associates

with the support of NS Labour and Advanced Education and NS Sector Councils

Our Research on the Science and Art of Formal, Strategic Mentoring

A few months ago, BoomersPlus in partnership with Schwenker & Associates, launched our first Virtual Mentor Project designed to evaluate the impact of a formal, strategic mentoring program on small to medium sized organizations in Nova Scotia. The overall project goal is to strengthen the management and strategic thinking skills of the participants thereby building leadership capacity of NS organizations in order to adapt to the challenges of disruption and capitalize on innovation opportunities.

With the cooperation/assistance of the NS Sector Council Executive, the project has been launched with 23 current and emerging leaders from 8 different economic sectors in Nova Scotia. One of the cornerstone aspects of this 12-month program is that we will be performing ongoing quantitative and qualitative research to identify the positive impact points of the Mentor and Mentee relationship. We will report the findings on an ongoing basis.

We are now through Stages 1 and 2 of the Five Stages which underpin this Virtual Mentor Project. Each Mentee completed a detailed application that outlines their goals for Personal Development, Professional Development and Organizational Development. The Mentees then went through a two-session formal Mentee training program with our partner Schwenker & Associates. Here is some of the positive feedback received by the Mentees:

"I was very impressed with the preparation, delivery & depth of material!"

"The thought and planning that went into the context and execution of the Mentee training was impressive."

"The Mentee training helped in clarifying the expectations and responsibilities of both parties in the mentorship and in other partnerships, and provided resources for maximizing the success of the mentorship process."

The Mentors were also required to participate in a three-session formal training program.  Most of these Mentors have done extensive mentoring in the past, but very few had ever had any formal training in the five stage process. One of the highlights was a clear explanation of the many interchangeable roles a Mentor plays in and effective mentoring relationship – and when they should be used. The feedback from the training was very positive and the Mentors are excited about proceeding to the next step of the Virtual Mentor Program.

"The training facilitator coordinated a professional, educational and thought-provoking session. Depth of content was terrific with engaging breakout sessions. I really learned a lot about myself and the gaps I needed filling."

"I now have a better understanding of the protocols, context and the need for structure around the mentoring relationship."

"Very impressive, well structured and timely program which I applaud."

Stage 3 of the Program is now in progress. The Mentee and their assigned Mentors have been introduced and they will now begin to create their very own Mentor Partnership Charter that outlines the specific goals they will work on together and the guidelines and protocols that will support how they achieve those goals.

More to come in future editions of The Pulse!

Source: This is an updated version of the announcement which appeared in The Pulse e-Newsletter, BoomersPlus, April 23, 2021.

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