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The Essence Of Being Vegan In Retirement

June 25, 2019

A growing number of baby boomers are doing away with dairy and animal-based food for plant-based food. Being a vegan has always been the new cool for millennials. However, boomers over 55 are ditching animal-based food due to health and animal welfare reasons. The health challenges boomers deal with as they get older could make them become reliant on drugs to live a manageable lifestyle.

Plant-based diet has proven to have nutritional values in dealing with health challenges like Arthritis, Dementia and possibly reverse chronic diseases. The plant-based meal option is the new way for boomers to live a full life, not just a manageable one. A plant-based diet like pumpkin seeds would help boomers manage pain, swelling and any other form of the discomfort of these diseases.

The Telegraph spoke to Eileen Giles, a 76- year old boomer who became vegan in 2017. Before becoming a vegan, Eileen was battling with Arthritis and could no longer stand the hallucination effect tramadol had on her. Two years on, she reflects that she no longer needs medication to deal with her Arthritis and she can now live a full life.

Research by the University of Central Florida has revealed that bacteria in milk and beef lead to Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. The similarity between these two diseases is that they are both inflammatory disease with the same genetic composition. Crohn’s disease affects the intestine while arthritis affects the joints. The treatment of these diseases is by the same drug. For everything vegan, www.livekindly.com is where to go.

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