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Tesla Model 3 Is Upon Us

April 1, 2016

The growth of the electric car has been inevitable but it has well and truly hit the mainstream.

On Thursday, Tesla unveiled the Model 3 to the masses and to great success. The new model mirrors the sleek look of some of the company’s previous cars with a single pane rear roof window, four doors and no grille. The five-seater also has some real power behind it. It can go from 0-100 km/hour in 6 seconds and tops out at 350 km/hour.

But the real draw of the Model 3 is the price. While the cheapest Model S would come in around $60,000 USD the Model 3 is being sold for an affordable $35,000 USD. That’s a price that goes beyond just the energy conscience crowd and appeals to a much wider audience.

The new model is already off to a more than promising start. Over 115,000 orders were made before the car was even unveiled. While the overall success waits to be seen, this could be the true beginning of the electric car wave.

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