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Encore: How To Reach The Boomer Audience

July 19, 2017

Welcome to Encore, brought to you by BoomersPlus! On this weekly show, hosted by Costas Halavrezos, we examine the world of the baby boomers through a variety of exciting avenues. We are joined each week by an expert guest to discuss their field and how it relates to the audience of the boomers.

Today, we’ll meet Lina Ko of Toronto, one of North America’s leading marketing communication professionals, specializing in brand positioning and marketing. Ms. Ko has more than 30 years of marketing consulting experience and counseled clients in Asia, the United States and Canada. She retired in 2011 and is now the author of Boomerwatch.ca, a blog providing insights into marketing to boomers. Ms. Ko joins us to discuss the changing definition of retirement under the boomer generation, what boomers want from their brands, and how organizations can successful reach this demographic.

Enjoy the show and join us next week for an all-new episode. Also, be sure to check back at The Hub tomorrow for some exclusive content related to this episode.


Show notes:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:53 – The new definition of retirement
  • 2:58 – Dealing with those “extra years”
  • 5:10 – The unique approach to marketing to boomers
  • 7:43 – Effective boomer-targeted campaigns
  • 11:25 – Tips for organizations trying to reach boomers
  • 13:30 – “Too old to learn”?

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