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5 Ways Of Becoming More Charitable

July 19, 2017

Studies has shown that as boomers grow older, they begin to develop a stronger need and desire to give back. Really, this makes a lot of sense. Boomers reach an age where they are retiring or working less, they are financially comfortable and want to be able to help others who might be less fortunate. Saying you want to be a more charitable person doesn’t suggest you weren’t charitable previously, but sometimes you reach that time in your life when you decide helping people is more important than other things in life. So if you would like to start giving back, here are some ways you can start today.

Develop a routine of giving.

Like anything you want to make a more permanent aspect of your life, making it a routine occurrence is the best approach. The same rule applies to your charitable habits. Despite best intentions, giving back regularly can be something that doesn’t occur to you often, therefore, making it a routine helps to ensure it happens on a regular basis. Make a donation every time you get your paycheck, or at the beginning of every month. Little habits like that can become second nature over time.

Make it personal.

There are many charities out there that feature many worthwhile causes and represent a lot of people in serious need. Sadly, there aren’t too many of us who can afford to give back to a large portion of these organizations and causes. The most effective and helpful thing you can do is to find a few charities that you will give to regularly. One way to help you become invested and ensure you keep up your giving is by seeking out causes that you feel strongly about. Do research into the causes that you care deeply about for whatever reasons and find a reputable charity that caters to that cause. This will make you more invested and more eager to help out.

Make sacrifices.

Nothing good can come without at least a bit of sacrifice – the same goes with giving back. This is not to suggest that you should give so much that you put yourself in financial stress (always only give within your means), but you can deprive yourself of some of your regular indulgences in order to give more back to charities. This can mean instead of going out to dinner one week you use the money to buy food for people who are in need. These small sacrifices don’t add up to much for you but they can make a big difference for others.

Give more than money.

Of course, giving back goes far beyond giving money. Perhaps you aren’t in a position where you can afford to give regularly to charities, but that doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer. Volunteering your time is just as important to organizations, and in the case of smaller charities, maybe even more helpful. They can always use another set of hands to get the never-ending work done. Even if you’re able to give money to your chosen charities, volunteering every so often is a great idea to give a little more and become more involved with the charities you support.

Tell others.

Beyond your own involvement with various charities, there is always a need for more people to hep out. Part of how you can continue to give back in larger, more significant ways is by spreading the word about the great charities you are involved with, or about the serious causes that need help from others. Some people feel awkward about this sort of thing, feeling as though they are pressuring or pestering others into giving back, but if you take the right approach there’s no reason to feel bad about it. Talk to family, friends, colleagues, or just volunteer at event to raise awareness. The more help there is coming in, the more difference can be made.

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