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Encore: Fighting Back Against Ageism With Marjorie Willison

April 19, 2016

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There’s a subtle shift underway in the public’s perception of the elderly, but for some that shift isn’t big enough or coming fast enough. Many still see the elderly as a drag on society, economically and socially. But as our demographic shifts towards an olderĀ population, that attitude can lead to many missed opportunities, especially in this region.

Our guest, Margaery Willison, thinks it’s time to get over ageist attitudes and discover how much older adults can contribute to society. Willison is well known as a gardening consultant on CBC Radio, but she’s re-profiled her life and become a champion for seniors by blogging on her new website, Aging Well with Marjorie.

Enjoy the show and join us next week for a brand new episode!

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