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Cineplex Giving Mature Filmgoers the VIP Treatment

April 15, 2016

It’s no secret that the movie business is facing some pretty serious competition these days. Streaming programs like Netflix not only provide people with current movies in the comfort of their own home, but some film studios are skipping the theatre entirely and sending their new releases directly to home viewing. And of course there’s always the issue of illegally downloaded movies.

It used to be that theatres would thrive from the classic date night of dinner and a show. While they certainly hold the market on the “show” portion, they are now looking to take over the rest the date night. New VIP cinemas are being developed which are meant to appeal to a more mature film-going audience. As Cineplex’s vice-president of design and construction Bill Tishler explains, “What we’re attempting to do is attract our guests to come earlier and stay later, and make an evening out.”

Here are some of the features they’re working on introducing.

Smaller box office

While online box-offices have saved us from long ticket lines, Cineplex’s VIP theatres are offering smaller box office option where you can purchase tickets while enjoying the rest of the VIP treatment.

Shields up

The exclusive nature of the VIP sections are given a very literal feel as there a blacked out screens to separate it from the regular cinemas.

The bar

A number of countries have already introduced the concept of alcohol being served in cinemas. Now it’s Canada’s turn. Before you enter the theatre you’ll have the opportunity to purchase beer and cocktails.

No ads here

The VIP section will be a bit of a classier atmosphere, including an absence of the normal advertisement posters on the wall.

Tables for two

The “lounge” area will allow for some romantic seating options for those date nights.

Full service

While the filmgoers enjoy the lounge, they will be treated to full table service from the VIP staff.

Wide rows

The service doesn’t just end in the lounge. Wide rows allow staff to serve filmgoers once they’re in the theatres. It also adds a level of comfort to the audience once the film has begun.

Bigger screens

Other VIP screening rooms were considerably smaller than the regular theatres, but the new design will offer the standard screen to enjoy.

For more details on the new designs and proposed features, check out Canadian Businesses feature.

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