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Encore: An Exclusive Interview With Brian Mulroney

November 8, 2017

Welcome to Encore, brought to you by BoomersPlus! On this weekly show, hosted by Costas Halavrezos, we examine the world of the baby boomers through a variety of exciting avenues. We are joined each week by an expert guest to discuss their field and how it relates to the audience of the boomers.

The election of Donald Trump in the United States and his intention to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement has suddenly brought Canada’s former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney back into the national conversation. As a friend of President Trump, and an architect of both the original Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA, Mr. Mulroney has been advising the Trudeau government on how to approach any renegotiation. At the same time, his voice is being heard on such subjects as the growing concern over Russia’s military threat and Canada’s place in NATO.


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