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5 Tips To Growing A Manly Moustache For Movember

November 7, 2017

As some of you might know, now that we’re into November we are also in Movember. For those who aren’t familiar, Movember is a month-long charity event in which men attempt to grow out the best moustache they can muster before December hits, all as a way to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. In recent years, the popularity of the event has diminished which is to be expected. The whole thing was launched off of a silly, gimmicky (albeit initially engaging) premise and the novelty of it has begun to wear off. But that is unfortunate as the Movember has been instrumental in making men’s health a more talked-about issue in our society. So many men are reluctant to bring up the subject, even with their closest friends and family. So I say, let’s reembrace the spirit of the month and grow out some moustaches. It doesn’t have to be for money, but rather as a statement to say you are willing to talk about these issues and other men should feel safe to do the same. In that spirit, let’s look at some manly tips for growing your own moustache.

Give it time.

Patient is key, especially when it comes to facial hair. If you’re going from a clean-shaven face to growing a moustache, the first little while is going to be rough. It will be thin, it might not be the right colour, and it will be far from the rugged facial hair you had envisioned when you started growing it. But fight that urge to quit early and shave it off. After a few more days it will grow fuller and start to take shape. Then you can begin molding it into the impressive moustache you wanted. Besides, it’s only for a month.

Find the style that suits you.

Of course, you don’t have to be satisfied with your moustache simply being hair on your upper lip. Your moustache should fit yourself, your own style and personality. It should be a statement beyond, “Look, I can grow a moustache!” To achieve this, you must seek to find the right style for you. There are several handy guides to suggest which type of moustache is best for which face shape. You can go with the pencil moustache, the handle-bar, the Fu Manchu, the cowboy – so many ways to grow. But you need not fit into conventional looks. Experiment and shape your moustache to your own liking. After all, you’re the one who has to live with it.

Get the right tools.

Yes, just like any other building project a man might undertake, growing a proper moustache require the right tools for the job. Ditch the razor and invest in some clippers and aa good pair of scissors. The clippers will help in the early stages when you’re trying to find the right style for your moustache and need to lose some of the growth. The scissors are for the later stages when you are just maintaining the length and shape. Aside from this, some oils and moustaches soaps are good too have around in order to keep it looking good.


You might think that growing a moustache will save you time in your morning routine, as you’re simply avoiding the morning shave, but in fact, properly taking care of your moustache is a time-consuming affair and you have to maintain it just as you do with the hair on your head. Keeping your moustache properly cleaned is essential and you to do this you’ll need to shampoo and soap it regularly. Dedicate time in your shower routine to just focusing on your moustache. Conditioner also helps to keep this smooth and tidy. When trimming your facial hair, make sure it is dry and combed the way you like. These simply tips will keep your ‘stache the envy of all other men.

Wear it proudly.

No matter how your moustache comes out, you wear it proudly on your face for the whole month. Don’t be shy about it and embrace it in the spirit of Movember. Men’s health is a subject we all have to speak more openly about and to do that, we need to make men more comfortable to do so. So when someone asks about your new moustache you tell them why you’ve grown one and tell them proudly.

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