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Back to School For Retirees

September 5, 2019

When it comes to retirement, the most talked-about aspect is finance. Ensuring one can manage a sustainable lifestyle without a reliable income is no easy task. Retirement comes with finding new ways to be fulfilled and universities are encouraging boomers to enroll in degrees that could give their life more meaning.

It is important for pre-retirees and current retirees to think of what life should be like during retirement. Questions like: How do I want to stay engaged with activities while retired? What do I want to do with all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years? BoomersPlus finds engaging ways to give boomers a sense of purpose and community by providing work and volunteering opportunities.

If going back to school has always been your dream, it is worth considering a University-Based Retirement Community (UBRC). UBRC provides boomers over 55 access to educational opportunities. This community provides boomers access to on-campus facilities like the gym, library and other recreational facilities. The Mercury highlights that UBRC helps to keep boomers minds sharp and engaged, which assists in the transition from leaving the workforce.

A recent documentary on CBC showcases an 81 year old woman, who enrolled in a PhD at the University of Prince Edward Island. She started the degree with the goal to help redefine life for older women in retirement in rural communities. Olivia Bryanton is in the final year of her doctoral program and she has learnt so much about herself. She further stated how her personality rather than her age makes her struggle with pursuing a doctoral degree. Olivia clearly demonstrates that age should not limit anyone from achieving their goal.

Besides acquiring an education whilst enrolled at a university, boomers get to have a lot of face to face interaction that can increase their overall well being. The environment UBRC provides is a great way to foster an intergenerational community that encourages knowledge transfer.

Whatever you set out to do while in retirement, whether taking short term work opportunities or going back to school, be sure to explore ways to keep yourself fulfilled while in retirement.

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