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are you a modern elder

Are You a Modern Elder?

September 5, 2019

In April 2019 BoomersPlus co-hosted a luncheon at the Toronto Board of Trade called Wisdom at Work. The keynote speaker was Chip Conley who wrote the book Wisdom @ Work – The Making of a Modern Elder. The event was designed to inform businesses that are struggling to find experienced workers and how this problem can be addressed by reaching out to a resource of experienced professionals that are available to help fill the requirements on a part-time, contract or project basis – BoomersPlus.com.

The book Wisdom @ Work outlines how companies can tap into wisdom of middle-aged workers, and how middle-aged workers can translate their experience into continuing success. The book is a good, fun read and should be on your fall readthe ing list.

So, what is a Modern Elder? Chip describes a Modern Elder as the marriage of wisdom and experience, with the curiosity of a beginner’s mind and a willingness to evolve and continue learning. In his words a Modern Elder doesn’t just dispense wisdom, but they are also an intern, learner, teacher and mentor all in one. They are a student and a sage at the same time. Modern Elders bring wise eyes whereas the younger generation bring fresh eyes, so together it is a formidable combination.

Can you simultaneously be a mentor and an intern? Chip Conley calls it a Mentern. Both a mentor and an intern in one. A new term that has become quite popular as of late is Intergenerational Mentoring. This is where there is two-way learning from elder to younger and vice versa. Kind of an intergenerational knowledge transfer that can only help business learn and grow.

At BoomersPlus we believe that there is so much benefit to an organization to leverage the experience and wisdom of Modern Elders. Part of our mandate is to educate organizations on why they should hire and foster modern elders in their workforce.

I believe the world needs more Modern Elders as organizations of all shapes and sizes can only benefit from them.

So, the question remains, Are you a Modern Elder?

Kevin MacIntyre
Director of Corporate Development

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