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9 Affordable Tech Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

April 26, 2017

Rumors persist that boomers and technology don’t mix. Obviously, we know that to be a tremendous overgeneralization and there are plenty examples that show boomers really embrace technology when they finally give it a shot. However, it can’t be ignored that boomers tend to be late to the game with many tech breakthroughs. Whether it be concerns over high prices or the feeling that they are unnecessary items, boomers let many helpful gadgets pass them by. Put those concerns aside and take a look at some must-have gadgets that can make your life easier with taking it over and without breaking the bank.

Bluetooth Keyboard

For those still using desktops know that there are plenty of advantages it has over the laptop, but also falls short of the laptop in some cases—using it in comfort. With a Bluetooth keyboard you can have the best of both worlds. Just link the keyboard up to your computer and then use it freely without being tied down to the desk.

Car Phone Mount

Driving and cell phones do not mix for a good reason, but it can’t be ignored that many people use their cell phones for directions. Of course, it is incredibly dangerous to drive and attempt to look at your Google Maps every few seconds, while it can be annoying having to pull over constantly to check where you are. The car phone mount just suctions onto your dash for easy glances during your travels. Easy and safe.


Yes, there’s something special about opening up a new book, or flipping through the pages of an old favorite, but not all situations lend themselves well to carrying a book around. For instance, going on vacation, you could lug a book around with you but generally want to avoid packing too many. So instead of hoping you picked a good read, get an E-reader which stores thousands of books electronically and is easily accessible. Most come with a non-backlit option to save you eyes from staring at a screen for too long.

External Hard Drive

These days, people tend to keep everything on their computers—treasured memories in pictures and videos, entertainment, work, important information. But packing your computer to the brim is likely to cause problems. Heaven forbid you should lose any irreplaceable information. That’s why it’s wise to invest in an external hard drive which stores your information safely and separately from your computer should you need backups at any time.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

As summer approaches, the grass starts to grow again which means lawnmower season is coming soon. One purchase that forever changed my lawnmowing days was a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. I can listen to music or an audiobook without it getting drowned out by the drone of the mower. These are also an excellent purchase for travelling as you can get some shut-eye on the plane without being disturbed.

Portable Charger

One of the most innocuous problems that face us today is our cell phone dying and having nowhere to charge it. it’s not a big problem but it happens and a lot of people, through work or family obligations cannot go long-periods without a phone. You don’t want to carry your charger everywhere, hoping to find an outlet, so purchase a portable cell phone charger which allows you to keep your phone going wirelessly. It’s a life-saver.

Streaming Stick

So much of us almost exclusively watch television on our computers and while there is such a variety of great content online, watching something on your laptop just doesn’t compare to the television screen. With streaming sticking, you can link up your TV and computer and share whatever content you’re streaming on your computer right onto your home television screen. They’re easy to use, compatible and there are a large variety of them out there.

Universal Power Adapters

If you’re a frequent traveller, no doubt you’ve run into the problem of outlets in foreign countries. It can be pretty frustrating to find that your latest vacation destination has different outlets than you’re used to and now your laptop or hairdryer can’t plug in. universal adapters allow you to avoid the problem by offering transition ports for outlets types from all over the world.

USB Wall Charger

USB plugs are becoming a must in today’s society so it would be nice to have a variety of USB ports available in your own home. These USB wall charges offer a number of ports you can easily plug into the wall so you’ll never have to search for a way to charge your household gadgets again.

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