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5 Canadian Destinations Where You Can Enjoy Springtime

April 25, 2017

Not to jinx us and bring down another surprise May snowstorm, but I think we can safely say that spring in Canada has finally sprung. The winter clothes are starting to get packed away and it’s actually bearable to be outside again.

Winter gets a lot of attention in Canada and everyone Canadians knowns we take full advantage of the summer, but spring has a lot to offer as well. Whether you’re a visitor or just someone looking to enjoy Canada’s shortest season, here are some of the must-see Canadian destinations for spring.

Acadian Peninsula

If you ever wanted to experience the intoxicating Acadian culture up-close, there’s no better place than on this New Brunswick hotspot. Thing’s really get going here in the summer but if you want to beat the tourists and still enjoy the beauty of the place, spend a spring vacation here. There are plenty of town and villages full of accommodations of all kinds for you to enjoy and while the summer festivals won’t be available, you can make your own fun. Take in an early golf game, hit one of the many bike trails or take a long leisure walk.

Fogo Island

Newfoundland is a bit out of the way for some travellers but anyone who has spent any time there knows it is well worth the trip. You can’t really pick a bad time of year to take in the province’s unique landscape and enthralling culture, but spring is certainly one you should make an effort to experience. Fogo Island is the largest offshore island in the province and while you can’t be promised warm weather, the subarctic landscape offers a feast for the eyes. Hike through the amazing bluffs and along the coast while catching the view of passing ice bergs and whales.

High Park

It might seem a little much to travel specifically to visit one park, but for a unique spring experience, it’s certainly a sight to see. It also doesn’t hurt that the park is located in one of Canada’s biggest and most active cities. High Park is always a great spot to spend an afternoon in Toronto, but this time of year is especially attractive as the cherry blossoms are in bloom. You may have seen the pictures but they don’t do justice to being amongst all that natural beauty. The timeframe is short but if you can’t make it this year, there will be plenty more springs to come.

Quebec City

While Montreal gets most of the Quebec love, there’s no denying that Quebec City has so much to offer. While most of its visitors come through during ski season, once the snow is gone there is a whole other level of beauty to be found. The most alluring aspect of the city is its gorgeous old architecture and that looks even better surrounded by greenery. Stroll through the many parks and the vibrant downtown area while the flowers begin to bloom.


Toronto isn’t the only place in Canada to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom. If you’re heading out to British Columbia this spring, you might want to find an excuse to take an extended stay in Victoria. The city features many of their main streets lined with cherry blossoms which makes for quite an impressive site when you’re out on the town. It’s a big, popular event this time of year and thank to Victoria’s beautiful downtown area and mild weather, you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors.

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