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8 Greatest Natural Canadian Wonders

August 11, 2016

We’ve often discussed some of the great wonders of this nation. Great cities to visit, great pubs to enjoy and great golf courses to tee off on—Canada has so many beautiful things to experience, but it’s the natural wonders that really need to be experienced by every Canadian and visitors to Canada. As magnificent as the CN Tower is and as beautiful as Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is, they can’t compete with the natural beauty of these locations.

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Out of all the sights to see on this list, Hopewell Rocks may be the most bizarre. Without falling into hyperbole, walking through Hopewell Rocks can give you the feeling of walking on another planet—considering that you are in fact walking on the ocean floor, it’s not hard from the truth.

Singing Sand, Prince Edward Island

The Island certainly has its fair share of beautiful beaches, but the Singing Sand is an unique experience that separates it from the rest. Its namesake is no cute nonsense—the white sand of this PEI location seems to let of a whistling sound when you walk through it.

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

You won’t get too many better sunsets than the ones you’ll get at this Ontario provincial park. And once you see it, you may recognize it even if you have never been there. It’s said that the famous Group of Seven Canadian painters did most of their work here. Talk about picturesque.

Niagara Falls. Ontario

Certainly one of the most famous on Canada’s sight-seeing locales. The massive thunderous waterfalls are truly something to behold and a must-visit spot for every Canadian to visit sometime in their life. It sometimes gets a bad rap for the tourist-luring attraction surrounding it, but none of that takes away from the falls themselves which you can enjoy from multiple breathtaking views.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

No, it’s not quite Jurassic Park but it’s probably the closest you’ll ever find in the real world. Just east of Calgary, this National Park is a real treat. The beautiful landscape is certainly something special but the history of the park is the real prize. And by history, I mean ancient history. There are an estimated 35 species of dinosaur that lived here 75 million years ago. A pretty amazing place to visit.

Northern Lights, Alberta

A thrilling visual experience that too few have experienced in person. Yes, we’ve all seen pictures of the Northern Lights but to see them out and see them in nature is something else entirely. While there are a few well-known locations where the phenomenon has appeared, there’s no real easy way to plan for the sight—although many say a trip to Fort McMurray is a near-guarantee.

The Canadian Rockies, Alberta/British Columbia

A pretty easy inclusion on the list but not to be undersold. If you’ve ever driven across the country east to west, you know the incredible sight of finally seeing the Rockies pop out of Saskatchewan’s infinite horizon. Seeing them up-close and being atop them is a million times better.

Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories

One of the first natural heritage locations to be designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Estimated to be over 500 kilometres of some of the best hiking you’ll likely to ever find. The highlight is the Glacier Lake trail which is not only a great trail but also treats you to outstanding views of the park’s biggest bodies of water, Britnell Creek and the South Nahanni River.

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