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7 Ways To Motivate Your Team

August 15, 2016

We’ve often spoken about how to motivate yourself when that drive for productivity starts to stall or when you’re struck with a devastating case of the Monday blues. But what about when you need to be the motivator?

A manager is responsible for many things and motivating your team is certainly one of them. You want a team that works hard to achieve the goals that are set for them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a role to play in motivating them towards that goal. You are only as good as your team and hanging back to focus on your own work is not going to cut it. Here are a few effective tips for motivating your team towards greatness.

Value their worth and show it.

Nothing kills motivation more than the feeling that you’re being undervalued. We’re not all working just for the occasional pat on the back but when your hard work and exceptional performance is being overlooked what motivation do you have to try as hard the next time around. Show your team that good work gets rewarded and be able to recognize those big achievements. Single out those who are going above and beyond so they have a reason to strive for that again and so others are motivated to do the same.

Set clear goals.

Employees need a clear set of objectives to work towards in order to stay motivated. You may think that giving them space to operate allows for the creative types to flourish, but it’s not helping anyone if they’re going in blind with their work. Establish clear goals and communicate those goals with them often.

But don’t micromanage.

In the same way that employees need well established goals, they also need the freedom to reach those goals. A poor manager gets too involved with their team’s work and starts to muddy the waters. They may see it as collaboration but it’s actually interference. If a manager cannot trust their team to get the work done without being watched over, then the manager has failed to build an effective team.

Offer opportunities for self-development.

Part of what motivates people is their drive to reach new heights. Employees want to know they can achieve more than their current state and a good manager sees the positives in that kind of thinking. Allow those deserving employees the opportunities to broaden their horizons and advance themselves. Never turn down an employee who is looking to start management training, but instead help them get to that level. Show them that they’re able to reach your level and they’ll work hard to make it happen.

Don’t get caught up on failure (or let them get caught up in it).

Failure is just a speed bump on the road to success. Yet how quickly we forget this when met with actual failure. A poor manager will dwell on failures and punish those responsible. An effective manger will use it as a teaching moment. How can someone be expected to take risks and be creative wen they fear being admonished for anything that doesn’t go right. Both you and your team need to let failures happen without fear so that

Manage individually.

A manager must ensure the entire team is working in a cohesive way, but it’s also important to understand that not everyone works the same way. Employees want to know that their manager recognizes them as an individual and not just a member of the greater team. Communicate with each team member, understand their work style and manage them accordingly. Your job will be more effective and you will in turn make them more effective.

Make yourself available.

Communication and openness are the hallmarks to every great manager. You may work at a higher level than you employees but you need to be as available to them as they are to you. Ask questions, give direction when asked, meet with them or just chat about things in an informal way. When your employees know they can come to you whenever necessary, problems will be addressed more openly.

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