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7 Tips To Packing More Efficiently For Your Travels

July 3, 2018

No over-packing, no under-packing. Find the right balance when packing for your next trip.

There’s a lot of excitement leading up to a trip, but one of the small details that can cause some big headaches is proper packing. Deciding what you will need and what you don’t need is harder than you think. So before you head out on your next trip, do a little pre-planning so you’re not bringing too much and not missing anything crucial. 

Set out a day-to-day plan.

It can be nice to be a little spontaneous on vacation, but having something of a plan for the trip can really help with packing. Your day-to-day activities really dictate what will be needed for the entire vacation. Are you going to be lounging on the beach everyday, or do you want to be some exploring of the city? Are you going to go for a hike? A fancy dinner? Make a game plan, however unstructured as it might be, and it will give you a good starting off point.

Make a list.

Every good vacation starts with lists as you prepare, and packing is no different. Set out a list, starting with the necessities. No matter how economical you’re trying to be with your packing, there are always going to be necessities, like medication and at least some clothes. Start there, then expand into things you want to bring. This is where you can start building your wardrobe for the trip, some comfort items and maybe even a few things for entertainment. The sky’s the limit – for now.

Cut back but not too much.

Now that you have a big, unwieldy list it’s time to cut it way back. Be practical and be realistic about what is actually a good use of space in your suitcase. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all essentials only, but take a look at your list and be sure nothing expendable is taking the place of something important. However, when you are cutting your list back, don’t be too cutthroat about it. It’s not fun to pack too much for a trip, but it can be even worse to not pack enough.

Plan for the weather.

All good Canadians know that you always need to be prepared for all kinds of weather extremes. It’s good to keep that in mind when packing for vacation as well. Don’t be too optimistic with what you’re expecting weather-wise. Keep an eye on the forecast for your destination. Are you prepared for the colder nights? What if it rains? It’s not fun planning for such things but it’s better to have warmer clothes and not need them than to need warmer clothes and not have them.

Make the most of your space.

Packing is an art. Some of us are born naturally good packers, others still need practice. Don’t despair if you fall into the latter category because you can still pick up the skill. It’s all about using the space you have to its full potential. What is that best way to pack each item so that it takes up as little space as possible? You can go for the rolling instead of folding method of packing your shirts. You can stick your socks inside your dress shoes. Anything that save on space is a good method. 

Be smart about your toiletries.

Toiletries might seem like the smallest and easiest items to pack but they can take up a lot of space when added together. Just like with your clothes, you have to be practical about what is really needed on this trip. Is there anything in that toiletries bag that’s just taking space? It might not see like a big difference but in any suitcase, space is a precious thing.

Remember the return flight.

You’ve packed your suitcase to the brim. You cannot possibly fit another article of clothing inside but that doesn’t matter because you’ve got everything you need. You go on vacation and have a great time, and can’t wait to get home and show off all your new souvenirs — except you can’t fit them in the suitcase. It’s a common travel oversight, so make sure you catch it ahead of time. Leave a little extra space for souvenirs and gifts. It makes coming home from vacation that much easier.


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