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7 Things You Should Do On Your First Day As New Manager

7 Things You Should Do On Your First Day As New Manager

November 10, 2016

Congratulations, you’re the boss now! Where do you go from here?

When you get a promotion or are hired on at a managerial level, it’s a big moment and one that you obviously deserved. You have the knowledge and skills that the employers were looking for so you can be confident in your performance. However, getting suited to your new role can be challenging and it’s easy to overlook some important things that will make the transition a lot smoother. Have a look at a few things you should certainly do your first day as a boss.

Be prepared to move fast.

While new employees may get a soft introduction to a new position that allows them to take things in before getting to work, a manager gets no such luxuries. Don’t assume things will slow down for your first day because it’s likely they won’t and it’s also likely a lot will be asked of you as soon as you arrive. Be prepared to hit the ground running. Come in prepared and ready to manage as if you’ve been doing it forever.

Approach everyone.

While work may be coming at you fast, that doesn’t mean you can keep your head down all day. It’s your first day as the boss and the people in the office will be anxious to meet you. Be sure to approach everyone in the office and speak with them all. Not just a quick meet and greet where you learn their name and position title, really talk to them so they feel comfortable speaking to you when necessary.

Talk, but mostly listen.

Address the office at some point in the day. It doesn’t need to be a long speech or even a prepared one. Just give them a few words on yourself and what you’ll be expecting of them. they want a sense of who their new boss is. But more importantly, allow them to speak and give you feedback on how. Obviously the way the office operates comes down to your own decision, but allow them to offer their own thoughts and make them feel like their views are valid.

Learn as much as possible.

As you listen, you should be learning. The first day is a big learning experience for you so you should soak up as much as possible. Find out the operations and positions of everyone in the office so you know what departments function in what ways, and which employees to approach specific tasks.

Find a mentor.

Mentorship is always a valuable thing to have in any position and finding a trusted source of guidance in your manager role will be so helpful going forward. Look at your own past managers and what they brought to the table. Ask them about their own transitional period and get insight into how they earned your trust and respect.

Don’t let tasks overshadow people.

Relationships in the workplace are so essential and the first day is a fantastic opportunity to cultivate those relationships. But your relationships with people in the office shifts somewhat when you take the boss role and it can be difficult for some to grapple with them. Don’t immediately jump to giving orders and assigning tasks. The work is important but don’t let it distract from the people that get that work done.

Know your boss.

You’re the boss, but don’t forget that you’re not the only boss. Always keep in mind that the way you manage your office is the work you’re presenting to your superiors. Speak to your boss on the first day about the future. Make sure you’re on the same page and address any concerns you might have.

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