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With The Cubs Taken Care Of– Who Holds The Longest Stanley Cup Drought?

November 8, 2016

The Chicago Cubs made sports history last week when they ended a 108 year-long drought and won the World Series. Cubs fans everywhere breathed a big sigh of relief at seeing their team finally break the great losing streak and to be able to celebrate the year’s biggest win.

So with an exciting baseball season over, many Canadians are now turning their full attention to hockey, and the inevitable question becomes “can someone pull a Cubs move this yea?” While we’re still a long ways off from the Stanley Cup finals, there are plenty of fans itching for their team to hoist that mug. Penguins fans hoping for a repeat victory, Ottawa fans are hoping for the franchise’s first win, and Montreal fans want to see number 25 after a 22 season drought. But that’s small potatoes for some fans, and while no one holds a streak that comes close to the Cubs, there are plenty of teams hurting for a win.

Who holds the longest drought? Who has yet to touch the Cup? Who has a chance of breaking the streak this year?

Philadelphia Flyers (40 Seasons)

Last win: The Flyers were the defending champs at the 1975 championship. Led by head coach Fred Shero and captain Bobby Clarke, they faced off against the Buffalo Sabres. By all accounts, the Sabres were the hungrier team but with MVP and Conn Smythe Trophy winner Bernie Parent in nets, the Flyers took the series 4-2. The series also lives in NHL history for two unique events. Firstly, due to unusual Buffalo heat and lack of air-conditioning, the third game in the series was played under considerable fog. Even more bizarre, a bat flew around the ice for the majority of the game suffering a devastating high-stick from Buffalo’s Jim Lorentz.

Back then: The band Fleetwood Mac was formed the same year, the Vietnam War ends, Jaws was the year’s biggest film, Saturday Night Live premieres.

Since then: The Flyers made it to the finals 6 times since 1975, most recently in 2010.

Chances this year: A young team with a strong finish last year but still needs to develop at the blue line. Odds 30-1.

Washington Capitals (41 seasons)                    

Last win: Never. The Capitals were formed as an expansion team along side the Kansas City Scouts in 1974. While they proved to have more longevity than the Scouts, they have yet to bring the Cup home.

Back then: Richard Nixon resigned as POTUS, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali duked it out in the Rumble in the Jungle, Stephen King publishes his debut novel “Carrie”.

Since then: The Capitals made it to the finals only once in their franchise history back in 1998.

Chances this year: A solid consistent team with the best chances on this list to hoist the Cup. Odds 10-1.

Vancouver Canucks (45 Seasons)

Last win: None yet. They were founded in 1970 and still seek that top prize.

Back then: The Beatles disbanded, NASA avoids catastrophe as the crew of Apollo 13 return home safely, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin die.

Since then: The Canucks had 3 chances to win the Cup. The last time ended in embarrassment as the city rioted after a 4-0 loss in game 7.

Chances this year: Let’s just say they have a good shot at the first-round draft pick. Odds 350-1.

Buffalo Sabres (45 Seasons)

Last win: Nada. They came to the league the same year as the Canucks and have had just about as much luck getting to that Cup.

Back then: The Beatles disbanded, NASA avoids catastrophe as the crew of Apollo 13 return home safely, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin die.

Since then: The Sabres have made 2 finals appearances, the last being back in 1999.

Chances this year: The team has been moving in the right direction, focusing on building a team, but there’s still too many holes for them to be considered contenders of any kind. Odds 180-1.

St. Louis Blues (47 seasons)

Last win: Once again, a team that yet to experience the glory of Lord Stanley’s Cup. The team formed in 1968.

Back then: Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, Pierre Elliott Trudeau becomes the Prime Minister of Canada.

Since then: Impressively, the Blues made it to every finals in the first three years of their franchise. Less impressively, they have yet to return.

Chances this year: The Blues has a nice push last year at the end. It’s not hard to see a similar thing happen this year, though the Cup seems unlikely. Odds 18-1.

Toronto Maple Leafs (48 Seasons)

Last win: Canada’s picked on little brother, the Leafs used to stand proudly with the leagues best but their last Cup was way back in 1967. It was the final Stanley Cup in the Original Six era with the Leafs besting Montreal 4 games to 2. The Leafs were headed by coach Punch Imlach and captain George Armstrong.

Back then: The first Rolling Stone Magazine is published, the first Super Bowl is played between Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, Muhammad Ali is stripped of his heavyweight title for refusing induction into US army.

Since then: That was the Leafs last finals appearance.

Chances this year: They’re in for another year of growing pains under coach Mike Babcock but with a young team with a lot of potential, they may be contender again before long. 250-1

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