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The Joys Of Travelling On Your Own

May 15, 2018

We all know that travelling with friends and families is an incredibly enjoyable experience. Being able to appreciate a new place and new adventures with our loved ones just heightens any vacation. But it is also true that there is no experience quite like travelling alone and is certainly something that we should all try at some point in our lives.

A lot of people have reservations about solo travel, and while those are valid, there are so many reasons why it is an adventure you don’t want to pass on. So if you’re on the fence about it, take a look at some of the joys you can only experience while travelling solo.

The freedom.

Of course, the biggest seller of travelling on your own is the complete and absolute freedom it affords you. As much as it’s fun to travel with loved ones, trying to keep everyone on the same itinerary can be a headache. People have different interests and things they want to do on vacation, but when you’re on your own you only have to consider one person’s interest. No more getting dragged to places you don’t want to go and no waiting to do the things you want to do. You’re virtually in control of the whole trip and that kind of freedom doesn’t come around too often.

You can pursue your own interests.

The freedom of the solo vacation isn’t just about avoiding all the things you don’t want to do — it’s more about having the opportunity to do everything you want. Some people see this as selfish, but what better time to be selfish than when you’re alone. When travelling with others, you don’t want to force people to do the things that interest you. Sometimes this can mean missing out of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. When we travel alone, it offers that rare opportunity to pursue those interests without forcing others along with you. Enjoy those experiences you’ve always dreamed about free from guilt.

You’ll meet new people.

In every city you visit around the world, it’s an opportunity to meet new and interesting people. However, when we travel with others, we often miss that opportunity by sticking with our own groups. When travelling solo, you have no choice but to interact with people, possibly making genuine friendships with those you meet. While it’s important to use a little more caution when travelling alone, there’s no reason not to be social in the right situations and share the experience with others.

It’s a chance to move outside your comfort zone.

Again, safety is very important when travelling alone, but this is also a chance to have new adventures and try new things. Sometimes when with others, we can be convinced not to take these steps outside our comfortable zone or feel self-conscious about it. You’ll find you gain confidence when on your own adventure. Why not use it as an excuse to try those things you never tried before and may never have a chance to try again?

You’ll have time to reconnect with yourself.

It’s true there might be times when being alone in your travels might feel a little awkward. Eating alone for the first time can feel weird, for example. But more and more you’ll come to realize that you’re actually really good company. It’s important to have these chances to be alone with ourselves, to think and to reconnect with ourselves. In the chaos of the real world, these opportunities don’t come too often and it’s important to take advantage.

It’s a money-saver.

While maybe not the most important reason to take a solo trip, certainly an added bonus is the fact that it is a much less expensive way to travel. Just based on logistics alone you’re only paying for airfare, accommodations and meals for one person. You’re also less likely to indulge in big expenses and more likely to go forge your own path. Again, that’s not a reason to go book a solo flight right now, but it is a nice little perk.

You’ll come back with stories to tell.

Whenever you return from a trip, it’s fun to look back on the memories. You might flip through the photos you took and reminisce with your travel companions. When you go on your own, you’re the only one returning with the stories and you’ll have plenty to tell. Be sure to capture the entire adventure and share it with everyone. Who knows, you might inspire someone to go on their own solo adventure.

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