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4 Healthy Eating Tips You Might Be Forgetting

May 16, 2018

For pretty much our entire lives, we’ve been made aware of the significant impact our eating habits have on our overall health. When we were kids, our parents would constantly be hounding us to eat our veggies. Maybe when we started living on our own, those eating habits slipped and we saw the consequences. Even now as adults we have to watch what we eat in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can inform our weight loss and weight gain, keep us in good physical shape, or add to our health problems. We all want to be healthy eaters, but even after years of being told, some of us don’t quite know how to achieve that. We have general ideas like we should eat vegetables, take it easy on the sweets and no late-night snacking. But there are a number of healthy eating tips you might not have considered. Take a look at these suggestions and see if you can improve your food habits.

Cut out unnecessary sweets.

Sugar can be hard to avoid even if you’re trying to be aware of it. You could really be surprised how much sugar makes its way into your diet without you even realizing it. Try to be aware of where you might be adding sugar where you don’t need it. Try taking your coffee or tea without any sweetener. Drink naturally flavored water instead of those flavour mixing packets. Stick to sugarless snacks like nuts and veggies if you want something to munch on in between meals. A lot of people ignore these small indulgences as not significant enough to make a difference but day after day of small amounts of sugar really adds up to a lot.

Break die-hard habits.

Part of the problem many of us have with food is how we’ve let these poor habits become so engrained in us without even knowing it was happening. We feel that certain actions need to be accompanied or rewarded with indulgence. While the occasional indulgence is totally acceptable, when you convince yourself that they are simple necessary, that’s when it becomes a problem. You can still enjoy a movie without a big bowl of popcorn. You can still enjoy a hockey game without eating a plate of nachos. Going to the gym doesn’t mean you’ve earned a night of take-out dinner. Breaking these habits helps you to establish more responsible eating routines and keeps those indulgences to a minimum.

Be aware of portions.

Overeating tends to be another common but little recognized problem for people trying to lose weight. You can choose a perfectly balanced meal but if you aren’t being aware of portions, then it can turn out to be a fairly unhealthy meal. Figuring out the proper portions size can be tricky, especially when trying to establish new eating habits. Our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs and we assume we need more food than we actually do. There are a number of great resources online to help with portion control, as well as some effective tricks like slowing your eating so you can more easily recognize when you’ve had your fill.

Up your cooking game.

You would be amazed how much healthier you’ll be eating once you start focusing more on cooking your own food. Cooking is a great hobby to take up and can actually be very relaxing and fun once you get into it. It’s also a great way to be more conscious about the food you eat and try new recipes you might have avoided before. You can choose the fresh and healthy options for your meals and even plan meals for the week to help avoid the temptation of pre-made dinners and take-out. You don’t have to do anything too fancy and the internet is filled with helpful cooking videos and blogs to guide you. You might even develop a love of cooking which is a big help when trying to eat properly.

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