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7 Horror-Comedies For A Hilarious Halloween

October 31, 2018

Looking for some laughs to go with your scares this Halloween? Check out some of the very best films to balance the thrills or horror with the hilarity of comedy. It’s the best horror-comedies to watch this Halloween!

Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks has made a long career of parodying beloved genres, such as his take on westerns with Blazing Saddles, or musical spoof, The Producers. Here, in perhaps his funniest films, he explores the classic tale of Frankenstein with a hilarious new take. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein has had to live under the shadow of his scientist grandfather for his entire life, with everyone assuming he was as crazy as his ancestor. In an effort to save his family name, he takes up the research of his grandfather and works to bring a corpse back to life – it doesn’t go well.

Shaun of the Dead

Zombie movies might be a bit played out these days, but it just takes one clever film to turn the genre on its head and give audiences a fresh take. Such is this case with this hilarious British homage to zombie apocalypse films, as well as a subtle romantic comedy. The film follows a lazy, directionless middle-aged man who decides to take a stand and win his girlfriend back – all the while the streets of London are being overrun by armies of the undead. It’s a witty, energetic piece that evidently has a lot of love for the movies it’s poking fun at. While there might be a bit more gore for some audiences, you’ll have a smile on your face the whole time.


One of the biggest horror-comedies of all-time is still a cultural phenomenon to this day. When a group of scientists find themselves out of work due to their wild research into paranormal activities, they decide to go into business for themselves. Forming an agency which helps to exterminate unwelcome ghosts, these unlikely heroes become humanity’s last hope against the end of the world. The high-concept story is grounded thanks to the dryly charming lead performance from Bill Murray and a great bunch of funny people to back him up. More goofy than scary, but the right mix of two genres.

The Cabin in the Woods

Though a new movie, this is bound to be a recognized classic in years to come. A group of attractive teens take a trip to a secluded cabin out in the middle of nowhere and encounter forces of unspeakable evil. Sounds like a million horror movies that have the exact same set-up – and that’s the point. While saying too much about the secrets behind the bigger picture would ruin some of the great surprises, suffice to say, this simple-sounding horror flick is wholly original and hilarious in it’s bold take on the genre.

Little Shop of Horrors

What’s better than blending a horror film with a comedy film? How about adding in a musical element as well. Light scares, zany characters and some very catchy tunes makes this a very enjoyable and unique tale. A nerdy florist with dreams of romance and a better life finds an opportunity for his dreams to come true when he discovers and alien plant. However, when the plant develops a taste for humans, the florist begins to discover he’s in way over his head. The whole wild adventure is elevated thanks to the many memorable funny people in the cast like Rick Moranis, Steve Martin and Bill Murray.


While this film is sometimes lumped in with all the other generic teen slasher films that came out of the 90s, it deserves much more credit for its smart and witty dissection of a well-worn genre. When a masked killer begins terrorizing a group of high school students, they look to the clichés of past horror films for tips on how to survive. While the blood and the scares might be a little more prominent than the laughs, but the cleverness of how they handle the modern teen horror movie makes it a very memorable entry into the genre.

What We Do in the Shadows

Vampires are one of the oldest and most commonly used creatures in horror films, but chances are you haven’t seen them this mundane. Shot in documentary style, the film chronicles the day-to-day lives of four vampires who live together in a house in New Zealand. A camera crew follows them around as they bungle attempts to quench their blood thirst, engage in a petty rivalry with local werewolves and attempt to divide up the house chores. One of the funniest movies in recent years, this mash-up might not satisfy your desire for a good scare but it’ll have you laughing so hard you won’t care.


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