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5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

November 1, 2018

Not feeling particularly creative today? Find out how you can reconnect with that part of yourself.

The ability to be creative is something we all posses, however, sometimes it can be difficult to access that part of our minds. Like any other work, being creative doesn’t always come easy. That doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to create, it just means you need a little help getting started. So if you’re lacking in inspiration, here are a few great ways to boost your creativity.


Sometimes the best way to see your creative process through is to have someone to bounce ideas off of. We can often be our own harshest critics so getting someone whose opinion you trust and value can allow you to gain helpful feedback on your ideas. Likewise, when your ideas just don’t seem to be connecting, it just just take someone with a outside perspective to find a solution. Share ideas and you might find a better path than if you had tried on your own.

Pursue a passion.

When you’re hitting a roadblock in your creative mission, it can help to embrace some things you’re passionate about. For instance, if I’m struggling with writing about a certain subject, I’ll step away from that for a moment and write about something I love. After a few minutes doing that, my mind is clear and ready to tackle a new subject. When we are pursuing our passions, it puts our mind in a place where creativity comes naturally. Giving a little time to let that out can then transfer to your other work.

Get away from it all.

Sometimes creative thinking means letting your mind wander and let the ideas come to you rather than seeking them out yourself. That can be difficult to do if you have a million other things on your mind. I find that listening to music helps to clear out the other thoughts so I can let in new ideas. Some people find that going for a short walk helps them. Others practice meditation. Whatever technique works for you, just take some time to be alone with your thoughts and those thoughts alone.

Don’t be afraid to be bad.

Some people get too consumed with getting it right the first time. Creativity usually means trial and error. When the good ideas aren’t coming, pursue a bad idea. Just start creating without any plan and see where it gets you. Sometimes it goes nowhere. Sometimes it helps you discover the right path. Allow that process to take place instead of getting caught up with making it perfect immediately.

Find inspiration.

A lot of creativity comes from finding inspiration in other creative sources. If you feel stuck, look to other artists for some help. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to a record – even if you think it doesn’t have any connection to your own work, it’s about putting your mind in the right place where those more creative ideas can flourish. It’s inspiring to be around creative thought and that in turn can kick-start your own creative process.


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