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6 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Monday Morning

October 12, 2018

A little preparation can make those Monday mornings a lot more bearable.  

With the weekend almost here, the last thing you want to be thinking about is Monday morning. However, there are a number of things you can do now and over the weekend to make those Monday mornings a little easier and more productive. So before leaving work on Friday afternoon and while you’re having fun this weekend, keep in mind some of these ways to prepare yourself for the week ahead.


The worst feeling on Monday morning is coming into the office and seeing the mountain of work waiting for you. It can really set the week off on a bad note. In order to help manage those tasks and stay productive, try a little organizing on Friday afternoon. Take a look at the week ahead and prioritize the to-do list. Figure out deadlines, see if there are quick fixes to make now and establish a work-plan going forward. This will allow you to arrive on Monday ready to get stuff done.

Don’t push work.

I get it, it’s almost the weekend. Your mind is wandering and you really don’t want to have to focus on work. You figure it can wait until after the weekend so you push it until Monday. While that helps you have a more relaxing afternoon now, it’s a little short-sighted. I guarantee as much as you might think it’s fine now, come Monday morning, you’ll be cursing yourself for piling more work on. Have a productive weekend then you can enjoy the weekend guilt-free.

Meal plan.

The work-week can be very hectic, so much so that it’s hard to find the time to eat a decent meal. Tight schedules often mean we’re grabbing something on the run (usually not the healthiest option) or we’re skipping meals altogether. Neither option is good, but you can avoid both of them by planning out your meals over the weekend. Take some time to prepare some healthy lunches and dinners so you have those balanced meals even on your busiest days.

Get out.

During the week, it can be hard to motivate ourselves to get out and be active. You go to work in the mornings and by the time you come home, it can be all too easy to relax for the night. That’s why it’s important to get active on the weekends. Go for walks, be social and get moving. Make the most of those weekend and you’ll have a much happier Monday.

Relax on Sunday night.

While an active weekend is good, you also deserve some quiet time to unwind. On Sunday night, instead of stressing about the work that awaits you, find something that helps you relax. Watch a movie, read a book or just spend time with the family. We’ve already looked at how important leisure time is — don’t miss out on it over the weekend.

Get a goodnight’s sleep.

Getting rest is essential for starting off your mornings — especially Monday mornings. A couple of late nights on the weekend are fine but come Sunday night you have to start thinking about the work-week ahead. Get to bed at a decent hour and ensure you get a solid sleep so you can wake up Monday morning rested and ready to tackle the week.


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