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6 Habits For Healthy Mind

April 25, 2018

This month on The Hub, we’ve explored the various ways you can continue to develop and maintain a healthy mind as you age. One of the biggest health concerns people have as they get older is stay mentally sharp so they can continue to pursue the work and passions they have in life. Keeping your mind healthy is not a one-solution task and it is important that you talk to your doctor about possible risk you might have in terms of your mental health. But for everyday ways of addressing these concerns, here are some of the best habits to practice in order to maintain a healthy mind.

Regular exercise.

It seems like every time we discuss the topic of maintaining your health, regular exercise always comes in as a factor. That should tell you something at this point. Physical activity can obviously to wonders for your physical health, but it also provides a lot of positives for your mind as well. Take our previous discussion of the importance of a morning walk. This little bit of exercise gets your body moving for the day – your muscles loosen up, your blood starts flowing and your metabolism goes to work. There are similar effects on your mind as exercise helps to relieve stress, fight off fatigue and improve your focus. Keeping up the regular workouts will help keep your mind in tip-top shape along with the rest of your body.

Responsible eating.

Eating right seems to go hand-in-hand with regular exercise as the omnipresent necessity on these lists. It should be no surprise to anyone that what we eat has a tremendous affect on our overall health. Likewise with exercise, those affects do not just concern your waistline. When your diet consists of too much junk food, it can actually cause your mind to slow. Have you ever noticed those days when you forget to pack a reasonable lunch and go for some take-out instead that after that unhealthy meal you have trouble getting through your work? On the other hand, balanced meals not only keep your energy up but can work to defend your brain from certain health concerns.

Challenge yourself.

Your mind is like a muscle, and like a muscle it needs a workout to remain strong. Part of keeping it strong means pulling it off the couch so to speak and pushing beyond it more every day. Yes, reading your favourite book is fun, but read things that challenge you as well. Take opportunities to explore new ideas and continue to learn new skills. A growing knowledge helps keep your brain sharp as you age and it is always a thrill to learn something new.

Get lost in thought.

We live in a society where information is right at our finger tips at any moment. While it is convenient to be able to have the answer to virtually any question at any time, some argue that it makes us a society of students of many subjects and masters of none. However, giving yourself the opportunity to sit with a thought and explore new ideas is a good habit to get into. It is an underrated activity to just get lost in your thoughts. For problem solving, brainstorming or just contemplating, it is incredibly effective and a wonderful practice to adopt.


This month, on the Lifestyle side of The Hub, we’ve been discussing the importance of maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships as we age. Among the many benefits of remaining social is that it does have considerable positive effects on your mental health. While allowing yourself the time to think to yourself is beneficial, also giving yourself the opportunities to converse with others and share ideas can also improve your mental activity and help to keep your mind sharp.

Get some sleep.

As we’ve discussed many times on the blog, boomers seem to think they need less sleep as they get older. Studies show that the average night’s sleep for boomer is about six hours, while doctors recommend about 7-8 is the healthy. Too often, people think that cutting down on their sleep means they can accomplish more in the day but getting the proper amount of sleep actually causes you to think clearer and more effectively process the days work.


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