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5 Tips For The Online Job Hunt

September 20, 2018

If you want to find the right job, you need to adapt to the changes. Find out how to standout online as a candidate.

The working world is always changing with time. As a professional, you need to be willing and able to adapt. That is especially true when you are on the job hunt. While face-to-face meetings are always the best way to sell yourself, there’s not denying how much of the job search process has moved to online. Older job seekers can have trouble in this aspect, but it’s a talent you’ll need to develop in order to find your ideal job. Here are some tips for mastering the online job hunt.

Make your qualifications obvious.

The biggest challenge of applying for a job online is standing out among hundreds of faceless candidates. Many employers who seek online applications are doing so because it is the most expedient way of assessing an overwhelming amount of candidates. Do not assume they will have time to read your application and get a sense of who you are. Your information will be scanned in order to find those keywords that match with their expectations for the job. Study the job description and be sure you’re hitting those key qualifications. It’s impersonal but it can get you to that next stage.

Adapt your resume accordingly.

Never use the same resume twice. It should be an ever-changing document that is tailored to each new job you’re applying for. Your particular skills and experience should be highlighted in a way that presents you as the right candidate for the position at hand. Anything more is unnecessary. Anything less means you need to fill in some gaps. Let your resume reflect the job you want and it will be hard for any employer to ignore.

Use social media to your advantage.

Some of the older generations look at social media as a potentially damaging factor in the job hunt process. It’s true, that social media used irresponsibly could convince an employer to look at another candidate. But social media used wisely might just get you the job. Employers want to see candidates engaged — especially older candidates. And social media platforms are a great way to display your work accomplishments, personality and general interests. The more you can tell your potential employer about who you are the better.

Make more personal connections.

Again, applying online can feel very impersonal. But the beauty of the internet is how easy it is to make new connections. Reach out and connect with the business you’re applying for. Connect on social media with people who work there, send an email to the hiring personnel introducing yourself and asking questions. Don’t be pushy and don’t overstep, but more personal communication helps put a face to the resume and learn more about you.

Follow up.

One of the most important parts of applying for a job and one that far too many people neglect. This can be especially true when applying online. It can feel like you’re just throwing your application out into empty space and hoping someone finds it. All the more reason to follow-up. Use those contacts to reach out, confirm that they received your application and ask any appropriate questions about the process. Simple steps like these can open up the lines of communication and let the employers see you are someone beyond the name of an application.

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